Outriders Inventory Wipe Restoration Will Give Players God Roll Items

After fixing the Outriders inventory wipe bug last week, developer People Can Fly is now ready to take about the restoration process and details behind giving players their items back. While they aren’t able to nail down a date for the restoration just yet, they were able to provide a lot of information about what players will be getting back and how the entire process will happen. Most notably, items granted back to players will have the same attribute combinations as the original gear, however, their values will be maxed out as “god rolls.”

In addition, the items returned will all be given at the player’s highest available equip level, meaning you may receive a bump if you were hanging onto some lower level items. There are, however, some different groups that will be handled in separate ways. The first group, Group A, lost their inventory and now have unplayable characters (the servers will say they can’t connect). Group B, however, lost items but can still log in and continue playing, which creates some potential issues in identification of these players and what was lost. Group C is the control group of players who did not lose any inventory and can still play the game.

People Can Fly provided a lot more technical details behind what differs with each group in a Reddit post outlining the restoration. The complications in identifying lost items for players that could continue playing the game are what’s causing some of the delays in announcing a full date for the restoration to take place.

Group A, those who cannot play the game, will have the following restored:

  • All items, regardless of rarity, that were equipped at the time of your inventory wipe will be restored.
  • All legendary items there were in your inventory.
  • For non-Legendary items: 20 previously acquired items that were in your inventory, with first prioritization based on rarity (descending from Epic rarity) and second prioritization based on date acquired.
  • All fully completed Accolades will be restored if you previously reached the final tier of said Accolade.

Group B, based on limitations to what People Can Fly can identify, will see the following restored:

  • Up to 20 legendary items there were in your inventory.
  • All fully completed Accolades will be restored.

Legendary items are the yellow/gold loot in Outriders, the rarest gear the game has to offer. If you fell into Group B, you won’t have any Epic (purple) items restored, though People Can Fly says that most people affected fell into Group A.

There’s no date yet for the Outriders inventory restoration, but People Can Fly says they are working to make it happen “ASAP.”

[Source: People Can Fly]

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