Trappers join Vigor as Season 8 rolls out

vigor season 8

Vigor has played host to more than 10 million players in the short time that it has been around, and many of those would have found that the push through various Seasons has ensured the game has kept fresh. It’s now time for a new Season to take hold though and as Season 8 kicks into play, a host of new features and ideas come to the fore – with one of those being the arrival of the Trappers. 

Vigor first launched on Xbox One back in 2018 in Xbox Game Preview form, before going all out with a full release a year or so later. Since that time Vigor players have had the opportunity to enjoy no less than 7 previous Seasons and it is with that how Season 8 comes about. 

Available for free to all Vigor players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, the 8th Season of Bohemia Interactive’s free-to-play post-apocalyptic Norwegian looter shooter brings forth a host of additional plans, with new weaponry, new packs, new events and those Trappers all present. 

By watching the trailer below these words, you’ll get to see how Vigor Season 8 attempts things, but even without taking that in, it’s obvious that the arrival of this latest Season is a big deal. The Trappers are the main event here though and it is these guys who will live in harmony with nature. You see, the world of Vigor is their land, and they play by their own rules – happily slaughtering anyone who gets in their way. You therefore have choices; will you join the Trappers and live long and prosper, or will you become their prey?

vigor battlepass

It’s not just the Trappers that Season 8 builds in though. You’ll find a new Legacy Seasons Tab in place, ready for future events in which you’ll be able to purchase old seasons to play with friends, and there is a new weapon – the PH M82 sniper rifle – that will ensure you can get one up on the opposition. 

Further to that though comes two new Loot Events per encounter, letting you enjoy multiple looking events instead of the previous single option, whilst the Anti-camping Mortar Strike that attempted to sort out those hiding in the grasses, has left – all on the back of feedback from players. 

But still there is more and as Season 8 arrives, so do a couple of new packs. The Hunter Pack will set you back $69.99 (or local equivalent) and allows access to the Hunter Uniform and a decent amount of in-game Crowns, whilst the Prey Pack for $19.99 drops in a Bunny hoodie, pink bunny ears, a white bunny noes, bunny facepaint, an Alpha hoodie and a gray wolf hat. Admit it, that’s the pack you really want. 

With Vigor running free-to-play and Season 8 looking to build on what has come before, there’s little reason to not fire up the game and see what gives. if you don’t yet have a copy kicking around in your digital library on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, then the Xbox Store will provide the opportunity. You’ll also find the game on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

Let us know how Season 8 of Vigor works for you.