Xeppaa, Floppy Quit CS:GO and Switch to VALORANT, Joins Cloud9 Blue

Former Cloud9 CS:GO players Erick “Xeppaa” Bach and Ricky “floppy” Kemery have announced their departure from competitive Counter-Strike, switching over to Valorant where they will be playing for Cloud9 Blue. The North American players were a part of Cloud9’s inactive roster since March 2021, finally making a decision to quit CS:GO and move on to compete in Valorant. They have joined Cloud9 Blue who had been depleted to just a four-man roster following the departure of Skyler “Relyks” Weaver, after a series of mediocre performances. The North American CS:GO community were quick to react as they lost 2 more talented players to Riot Games’ online shooter, which continues to reign uncontested in the NA region.

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Xeppaa and Floppy quit CS:GO

The young North American athletes after being without an organization for around a month have finally turned towards Valorant, as the reports about their departure come true. Though they will be internally transferring from Cloud9’s CS:GO roster to their Valorant lineup, it is still a significant loss for the top-tier North American Counter-Strike scene which continues to bleed.

Both the players were a part of Cloud9’s CS:GO rebuild which was termed as ‘The Colossus’. The incredibly hyped project sadly failed to live up to what was promised, handing out a trail of disappointing performances one after the other. This lead to the organization pulling the plug and announcing their temporary exit from the esports title in March, earlier this year.

Both Xeppaa and floppy are talented users who have played for multiple respectable CS:GO organizations like Chaos Esports Club, Vision Gaming, Team Singularity, ATK, and finally Cloud9. While Xeppaa had a career spanning 5 years, floppy had 1 more year than him in the game. 

Unfortunately, as they were near the peak of their CS:GO careers the global health situation took a sharp turn and the competitive Counter-Strike scene slowly started to drift away towards Europe.

It will be interesting to see how the 2 players will perform in Valorant, and if in future they will be open to making a return to CS:GO or not, because the NA scene is predicted to return back to normal once the global situation returns to normal.

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