Preventing Skin Problems Caused by Mask Wearing


We wear face masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19. There is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that masks are incredibly effective at controlling the rate at which the coronavirus pandemic spreads. Today, more places require people to don an FFP2 masken Schwarz before they are allowed. There is little doubt that masks are essential. Therefore, any concerns that people have about wearing Schwarze ffp2 maske have to be overcome. One of these is rashes on the face and the skin.

People have reported experiencing maskne (coined from mask and acne) when they wear masks. In this article, we tell you some tips to help you minimize skin facial problems and at the same time protect yourself and others from Covid-19. Keep reading to learn more.
Who is at a greater risk of getting skin problems from wearing a face mask?
Experts say that people with certain skin conditions are more likely to notice face-mask-related rashes and bumps. These conditions include:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Allergies
  • Sensitivity to dry or humid air
  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema).

People suffering from perioral dermatitis experience recurring bouts of bumpy and reddish rash around their chin and mouth. Also, the parts around the eyes are easily affected. Women aged 20-60 years are also at a greater risk of the condition, but the cause remains unknown. In certain cases, the cause may be steroid drugs.

Preventing Skin Irritations Caused by Mask-Wearing

Some commercial face masks tend to be pre-treated with formaldehyde, and this is done to disinfect them. These masks can easily cause a breakout especially if you are allergic to this chemical. Some people also find it a challenge to wear synthetic fabrics. Additionally, laundering washable masks with detergents or softeners that are heavily scented can cause rashes, itching, or rashes. Opting for a natural fiber-based mask can help with sensitivity or skin irritation.

Wear a properly fitting mask

A key point about the right way to wear a mask is to ensure that it fits the face properly and also covers both your mouth and nose. Ensuring that your mask does not gap excessively is important in avoiding chafing. However, it should also not be too tight.

Choose masks with ties as they are easier to adjust according to the shape and size of your face. A bendable piece located across the nose bridge helps ensure a proper fit and avoids fogging of the mask. However, it can lead to chafing of the nose if it isn’t cushioned by fabric.

Keep your mask(s) clean

Saliva, oil, nasal mucus, and sweat can easily get to your face anytime it touches the face. Wash your mask using non-irritating and gentle soap after each use. Also, dry the mask in the dryer. Fresh masks are best stored in a bag so that they are kept clean.

Maskne” Skin Care Routine

Use mild and gentle soap and water to wash your face if you fear breakouts. Do not use anything antibacterial or scented. Try using a good, bland moisturizer when you retire to bed.

If you experience irritation on the skin on the face, it is recommended to use a barrier spray or creams like zinc oxide or petroleum jelly. A diaper cream can be used because the problem is no more than the irritation caused by a diaper.

In case you are forced to wear your mask for several hours, consider discontinuing the use of unnecessary cosmetics. Because the lower half of the face is hardly visible to anyone, it is a perfect time to ditch makeup or things that clog pores or tend to worsen acne situations.

People with facial hair

According to experts, facial hair contains a similar microbial environment to that of your face. Therefore, face masks can only be effective if they cover men’s beards.

In the case of healthcare professionals, surgical masks are designed to fit over facial hair. For individuals who need to wear N95 masks or Schwarz FFP2 maske, regulations prohibit you from having facial hair touch the mask, which makes some men shave. Also, shaving frequently can cause irritations around ingrown hairs and follicles.

Know When to Call the Doctor

If you have a skin breakout that does not heal however much you try to treat it at home, you should call the doctor without hesitating further. This also applies to rashes that keep worsening or spreading to other parts of the skin. If your job or routine requires that you wear a mask for long spells, it is important to get a professional opinion.

Fortunately, you can get help without having to physically visit a doctor. This is because telemedicine can be used to diagnose and manage certain skin conditions. It is advisable to contact your dermatologist or primary care doctor. They may diagnose and treat you using the pictures of skin lesions that you send via your phone.

Choosing the right mask is critical

Masks aren’t equal although the different manufacturers out there would have you believe this. Choosing the best quality mask is one way to protect yourself from skin irritations caused by wearing a face mask. Instead of purchasing an ordinary fabric-based mask, go for a better-quality mask like FFP2 masken Schwarz or N95 mask. Apart from that, make sure also that the mask fits properly but is still worn comfortably, it is breathable, soft, and natural, and it has at least two layers of material.

A properly fitting mask is important in preventing skin problems. If it is too large, it will slide around your face and cause irritation. A poorly fitting mask tempts the wearer to adjust it and this is bad because it can transfer germs to your face.


If wearing a face mask causes you skin problems, this shouldn’t deter you from protecting yourself and others. Some things you can do is to choose a high-quality mask like FFP2 masken Schwarz, wear a mask that fits properly, make sure your mask is clean at all times, and avoid unnecessary makeup that can trigger breakouts. If you have changed your mask to a better-quality mask like Schwarze ffp2 maske and done the above but the problem persists, get in touch with your doctor right away.

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