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Ripple Aims To Expand Its Financial Institutions Network

Ripple Aims To Expand Its Financial Institutions Network Blockchain, Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
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Ripple, a huge crypto exchange, is now aiming to expand its Financial Institutions network by adding them as partners and customers. The firm is currently seeking to integrate two engineers as it has vacancy for them. One vacancy is for a Senior Integration Engineer in Dubai and another one is for Staff Integration Engineer in London. 

It is revealed that with the appointment of these two engineers, the financial institutions network of the company will be enlarged. Along with this, the partners of the firm will be having access to RippleNet using their own payment system. 

Ripple Staff Integration Engineer Will Create New Integration Solutions

According to the announcement, the Staff Integration Engineer of Ripple will be creating and trailing the new integration solutions. Not only this, he will also have to take part in troubleshooting sessions with companies across the world. 

Both the new recruitments will be working to design, build, test and deploy the integration solutions for the firm. They will also have to solve the challenges that clients and partners of Ripple might be facing while integration and deployment process. Both of the integration engineers will have to provide the training to the new customers of the firm.

XRP Might Grow Into a Better Payment Solution

Marcus Treacher, the senior Vice President of Customer Success at Ripple, has said that at the present moment, the transnational payments market is not working really well. He further mentioned that the way RippleNet has been working, it will be transforming the industry. According to him, XRP is having a huge potential to grow into a better payment solution than any other out there. The firm is regularly working to expand and better its services across the world by trying out different measures. This appointment of two engineers is going to play a major role in the development.

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