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RockX Launches $20M Investment Program to Support Polkadot

RockX Launches $20M Investment Program to Support Polkadot Blockchain, Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
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RockX, a digital asset development company, has launched a $20 million investment program. This investment program is specifically launched to support the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem for over the next few years. It is revealed that this funding has been capped at $500,000 worth of DOT tokens per project. Along with this, the developer team of the firm will also be providing the technical support. It was also mentioned that RockX will be receiving tokens from supported projects.

RockX Launched This Program With Financial Aid From Individual Investors

Alex Lam, CEO of RockX, has said that this program has been launched with the help of financial aid from many individual investors. All the investors who have contributed in this project have not revealed their identity as they chose to be anonymous. According to him, all these anonymous investors are some prominent DOT holders. All these investors are also long-term supporters of Ethereum as they have been in the ETH community since 2015. It has also been mentioned that despite their financial support, these investors are not at all involved in any kind of project and their functioning.

Polkadot Recently Established its Treasury

This is to be noticed that this announcement of an investment program by RockX is coming a few days after Polkadot had established the Polkadot Treasury. Despite being completely different from each other, both treasury and investment program share the same goal of building and promoting the projects. It is mentioned by the CEO Lam that the strong technical background of his firm will be contributing to Polkadot. One of the managing partners of the firm, John Ng Pangilinan has said that “RockX is taking a step further to help blockchains grow by leveraging its technical capabilities and investor networks. This will set up a new collaborative model for the industry.”

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