Updates from Coinfloor and looking forward to 2020

2019 has been a year of focus and growth for Coinfloor. At the beginning of the year, we spun out our physically delivered futures exchange with a conglomerate of Asia and US based financial institutions, to form CoinFLEX, which is delivering exceptional growth for the group.

At the same time, we have focused even more on our core mission of providing a trusted, reliable and secure service to our clients in the UK and beyond. This focus has already seen our market share increase by over 50% in the UK since the beginning of 2019. As we approach 2020, we are continuing to pursue this mission and will deliver more services to meet the growing needs of our clients.

Below is more information on some of the key upcoming updates:

Additional Information Request

To better understand the trading experience and needs of our customers and to prepare for the upcoming UK regulations required of all UK cryptocurrency exchanges, we will be collecting additional information from our clients. The additional questions are mostly multiple choice and are designed to take only a few minutes to complete. They will be asked immediately after logging in and can be skipped up until December 1st 2019.

Privacy Policy

We’ve recently updated the Coinfloor Privacy Policy structure to make the policy clearer and easier to navigate. This includes more user-friendly language, headings and useful links to relevant information.

Updates to the website user experience and new product offerings

We will be making a number of enhancements to our website to make it easier to navigate and simpler to use. Today we have rolled out an updated “My Account” section and a number of other website navigation improvements. We are also excited about the new product offerings we will be rolling out over the coming months. Keep an eye out for many more changes to the site and our services as we head into 2020.

New collaborations on university research projects

Finally, there is a distinct lack of empirical finance literature and limited understanding of cryptocurrencies by the finance related academic community. We believe that addressing this research gap will ultimately accelerate the growth of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole through the insights gained. In order to help address this, we are collaborating with a group of researchers from the Centre for Digital Finance, University of Southampton and Henley Business School, University of Reading, to conduct valuable research aimed at better understanding the characteristics of investors who trade in cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in participating in the research by taking part in a short anonymous survey (which should take less than 10 minutes to complete), please proceed to click on the link below:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The Coinfloor Team


Source: https://blog.coinfloor.co.uk/post/188742243496

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