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Chinese crew landing caps record-setting day in human spaceflight

Shenzhou 12 astronauts Tang Hongbo, Liu Boming, and Nie Haisheng outside their landing capsule Friday. Credit: Xinhua Three Chinese astronauts landed in the remote Gobi Desert of northwestern China Friday, returning to Earth after a three-month mission on the new Tiangong space station, and ending a historic day in spaceflight that set a new record with 14 people in low Earth orbit. With the return of China’s Shenzhou 12 crew Friday, 11 people remained in orbit — seven on the International Space Station and four on a SpaceX Crew Dragon

US Space Force Employs Xage Security to Develop Data Protection

Rate this post The US Space Force has recently employed Xage Security to develop the data protection strategy. This will be done along with the United States Air Force Research Lab. Duncan Greatwood, chief executive of Xage, has said that the major question while working with the US space force is that “how do you make lots of different satellites work together successfully and securely at the same time?” Xage’s Security Fabric Will be Integrated With US Space Force With this announcement, it is revealed that the security fabric by