Analyzing Token Sale Models

Note: I mention the names of various projects below only to compare and contrast their token sale mechanisms; this should NOT be taken as an endorsement or criticism of any specific project as a whole. It's entirely possible for any given project to be total trash as a whole and yet still have an awesome token sale model. The last few months have seen an increasing amount of innovation in token sale models. Two years ago, the space was simple: there were capped sales, which sold a fixed number of

InvoiceMate Partners with the DFINITY Foundation and Migrates from Hyperledger Fabric to The Internet Computer Blockchain

  Zurich, Switzerland & Dubai, UAE. The DFINITY Foundation, a not-for-profit research and development organization based in Switzerland and a major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain (ICP), has announced that it has partnered with InvoiceMate. will migrate from Hyperledger Fabric to the Internet Computer. The DFINITY Foundation will support InvoiceMate in this transition as it becomes an important part of the ICP ecosystem. InvoiceMate is a blockchain & AI-powered invoicing platform that acts as a bridge between SMEs and financing institutions. InvoiceMate leads to easier financial inclusion by

HealthCare AI: The Unavoidable Revolution in Modern Medicine

By Eric Greenberg In the evolving landscape of medical technology, there's one force that stands head and shoulders above the rest, promising a seismic shift in the very ethos of healthcare delivery: Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a seasoned technology and banking analyst, it is my considered opinion that Healthcare AI isn't just a trend or a buzzword. It’s the very future of medicine, poised to reshape everything we know about patient care, disease diagnosis, and medical research. To begin with, the economic implications of integrating AI in healthcare are

Paribus: Next Steps

Now that our Mainnet V1 is live some people may be thinking that it’s time for the team to put their feet up and enjoy a well earned rest. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather than this huge milestone signifying the end, it marks the beginning of our main work. Over the coming weeks we’ll be continuing our marketing and development at pace. As we progress we’ll be sharing more details of the next features and iterations we’ll be adding to the protocol. When we launched on mainnet

Cosmos Asset Management, Cboe Australia expand investor access to Bitcoin

Cboe Australia (“Cboe Australia”) is pleased to announce the debut of the Cosmos Purpose Bitcoin Access ETF, (“CBTC”). In partnership with Cosmos Asset Management, Cboe Australia will launch CBTC on 12 May 2022, providing investors with Bitcoin exposure through the world’s first physically settled Bitcoin ETF, the Purpose Bitcoin ETF. A fund-of-funds, CBTC invests directly in the Purpose Bitcoin ETF, which has amassed A$1.7 billion in assets under management since its launch in 2021 and invests directly in Bitcoin. The ETF’s Bitcoin assets are secured by world-class cryptocurrency custodian Gemini.

ADDX tokenises private equity fund of funds

The SGX-backed private market exchange has partnered with Fullerton Fund Management to allow tokenised access to the Fullerton Optimised Alpha Fund SINGAPORE, 11 MAY 2022 – Private market exchange ADDX has partnered with investment specialist Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd (“Fullerton”) to list Fullerton’s private equity fund of funds on its digital platform. The Fullerton Optimised Alpha Fund is a closed-end fund targeting 8% to 12% in returns per annum over its fund life of seven years. The fund will be invested in a portfolio of six to eight private

Dvision Network announces first LAND sale with Binance NFT and NFTb on 24th November

Dvision has recently announced that it will be conducting the LAND Sale for its digital estate that will be used in the Dvision Metaverse through tripartite cooperation with Binance NFT and NFTb, allowing its users to participate in the sale on three platforms with different sale structures. Dvision has revealed, that it will be offering 1,450 NFT Mystery Boxes through Binance NFT exclusively for users. As the name suggests itself, the mystery box contains a random LAND NFT from the total LAND collection offered by Dvision. The users will be able

CeloLaunch AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Hi Everyone. Welcome to another BeInCrypto AMA Session.Sponsored Sponsored Today we have Stephen (@Stephen_CLA) who is a community manager of CeloLaunch, the first DeFi launchpad on the Celo network.  BeInCrypto (BIC): Community, here is how things will work. I’ll have 10 questions for him. After that, he will pick up 5 out of all the questions you asked before the session. Good luck to you all!Sponsored Sponsored (This AMA has been edited for clarity.) BIC: I would like to ask you something general to kick things off, so please provide

BTBS token, the largest Bitcoin ATMs operator in Spain lists on Bittrex Global

Even if the crypto market has seen significant changes over the years, it still faces several security, safety, and usability challenges in day-to-day operations.   There have been numerous attempts to turn traditional finance into a decentralized form, but this had an insignificant effect due to the countless challenges that arose along the route. But even though there has not been a lot of adoption in this area, BitBase is here to change that by providing their token with a lot of use.  BitBase  Since its inception in 2017, the platform

DAOLaunch Vows to Change the Future of Funding With Decentralized VC

The Venture Capital (VC) industry has traditionally been the playground for the rich. Generally speaking, you had little chance of making it as a venture capitalist if you were not financially well-established to begin with. Sponsored Sponsored However, that status quo is about to change now with the emergence of blockchain-powered platforms like DAOLaunch.  Blockchain technology is already making inroads into venture capital, exposing the industry to all the perks of decentralization. Expectedly, this has prompted an increasing number of analysts and industry stakeholders to anticipate a new era of decentralized

What Is Solv Protocol?

Solv Protocol is a decentralized platform created specifically for creating, managing, and trading financial NFTs. Blockchain has brought a lot of innovations to the world in such a short amount of time, but the mainstream adoption rate is just starting to take off. In other words, it would soon evolve into new forms and services that would further redefine how people interact with their assets and how they grow their wealth.  Table of Contents Background  Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the most popular blockchain-based products. And while they are usually

What is OliveX (BVI)?

DOSE is an ERC-20 token that serves as a reward for players of flagship fitness games of the OliveX gaming ecosystem. The metaverse will soon explode into proportions that no one can even imagine today. In fact, it will likely be even more revolutionary than social media and the internet itself. With the anticipated dominance of this new virtual universe, various companies are rushing to establish their footholds in this growing industry, and one of these firms is OliveX.  Table of Contents Background  OliveX (BVI) is a company that advocates digital