The SEC Will Not Ban Crypto, That Would Be Up To Congress, Says Gary Gensler

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Chairman, Gary Gensler, told Congress that the SEC will not ban cryptocurrencies. This is a huge relief, even though Gensler then said “that would be up to Congress.” The SEC Chairman is in the middle of quite a press tour, spreading his opinions on crypto around. Those had a lot of people worried, but today Gensler specifically said an outright ban isn’t on the cards. Related Reading | SEC’s Gary Gensler Crumbles When Asked If Ethereum Is A Security SEC Chair: No interest in a

All bark and some bite. China’s Bitcoin ban puts traders in the ‘fear’ zone

China bans Bitcoin (BTC), again.No, we’re not traveling back in time. On Sept. 24, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) published a new set of measures to promote inter-departmental coordination on cracking down on crypto activity. The measures intended to “cut off payment channels, dispose of relevant websites and mobile applications in accordance with the law.”Most investors may have missed the $3 billion BTC and $1.5 billion Ether (ETH) monthly options expiry that took place less than one hour before the crypto ban news came out. According to “Molly”, a

GFSC Updates Regulations to Include Latest FATF Rules

Rate this post The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, GFSC, has updated its regulations related to the operation of DLT providers. The regulations have been updated in order to meet with the latest FATF rules. According to the firm, this action has been taken in response to the huge blockchain adoption and fast-moving nature of the technology. The commission is also aiming to support the companies meanwhile protecting the rights of the consumers.  GFSC Requires VASPs to Capture and Maintain Transactions Record In the updated guidance by FATF, there are recommendations

Russian ministry proposes to amend law banning crypto transactions

Authorities in Russia continue the game of ping pong in regulating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) even after passing the country’s first crypto law.Russia’s Ministry of Finance has reportedly proposed a set of amendments to the law “On Digital Financial Assets,” or DFA, which bans many operations with crypto.According to local news agency Izvestia, the proposed amendments envision a “blanket ban on any operations with virtual money for individuals and individual entrepreneurs” except for three scenarios. The ministry reportedly wants to ban all crypto transactions except the obtaining of assets through inheritance, bankruptcy