Demonic Review – Neat Tech on Tired Horror

Neill Blomkamp used to be a name recognized for sci-fi. He had his first breakout hit with 2009’s District 9. On a relatively small budget, he delivered a stirring sci-fi adventure in South Africa. He would continue to develop more films of this nature. These pictures were pretty much the same in their depictions of apartheid. The likes Elysium and Chappie revealed that Blomkamp’s scope was pretty limited, geographically and thematically. So it’s a tad intriguing to see him step into a different genre. Demonic doesn’t feel like Blomkamp’s usual

AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Valorant India playoffs set to start from tomorrow

The playoffs for India in the AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0Valorant will happen from Sept. 25 to Oct. 4. After an intense open qualifier,only eight teams remain who will compete in the playoffs for the $2,000prize pool and two spots to the main event.The eight teams that have made it to the Indian playoffs are:● Velocity Gaming● Only Friends● Team Valor● Team Punished● TGS aXe● Team XO● Enigma Gaming● NBD Esports- Advertisement - They will battle in an intense double-elimination bracket to decide the twoteams that will compete in the

8 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas & Tips to Delight Your Customers

For many ecommerce businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of year.  Whether it’s freshening up your landing pages, creating brand awareness with your holiday marketing campaigns, finding others ways to target new customers and everything in between, the list of tasks seems endless. However, business owners and marketers alike understand it’s an opportunity to strike big and the final chance to boost sales before the new year. The holiday shopping season formally begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and leads up to the slew of December holidays,

Splitgate passes 10 million downloads, extends beta indefinitely

The team behind portal-packed first-person shooter Splitgate has revealed that the game’s successful open beta will not be ending this month and will instead continue “for the foreseeable future”. This means the actual 1.0 full release of the game, which would’ve come soon after the beta, will also now be delayed indefinitely. 1047 Games has decided not to put a new Splitgate beta end date in place as it continues to attract more and more players and works to improve stability and scale the shooter up. The studio also reports that

Splitgate beta end date – when does the beta end?

Splitgate has been a hit ever since it went into beta in July. Blowing up on Twitch and holding competitions, the game has seen an explosion in its player base and is set to end its beta soon. After some initial server issues, the game has finally hit its stride and is running smoothly for everyone. Developer 1047 Games has also been successfully batting away hackers and bots and created an engaging and enjoyable multiplayer arena-shooter that is free-to-play on all platforms. With this success, 1047 Games is also looking at next-gen versions of the game to release in

Pokémon Legends Arceus will have Hisuian regional forms and evolutions

More details about Pokémon Legends Arceus have been announced at today’s Pokémon Presents, including a new name for the ancient lands of the Sinnoh region, several new regional forms and evolutions of existing Pokémon, and a brand new battle system. We’ll start with the region, and while it takes place in the same part of the world as the current-day Sinnoh region, it is known as Hisui. This ancient region is set in a time before the connection and relationship between people and Pokémon was established, and has various biomes

Code S RO8 – Bunny and Trap advance to the RO4

The brooms came out on the first day of the Code S quarterfinals, with Bunny and Trap both prevailing in one-sided 3-0 sweeps.Bunny had been on the receiving end of 0-3 beatdowns in his two previous Code S quarterfinals appearances, but he was very much in control against his Team NV teammate and ZvT specialist DongRaeGu. Bunny seized advantages in the early game with good build order choices (including a cheeky proxy-Barracks smack in the middle of a 'normal' Overlord scouting path) before finishing his opponent off with solid macro

Hunter’s Arena: Legends release date, console, crossplay, and more

From deadly demons to pesky players, Hunter’s Arena: Legends has it all. And the best bit? It’s coming to PlayStation Plus for the entirety of August. If you’ve never heard of Hunter’s Arena: Legends, let us enlighten you. It’s essentially a strange take on a battle royale, borrowing mechanics from RPG games. While it blends PvE and PvP together, developer Mantisco does a good job of building the excitement as the game progresses – something that’s key for a game that only offers 30-player brawls. So if Hunter’s Arena: Legends

The best C58 Warzone loadout

The assault rifle class arguably has the most viable options in the current Warzone meta, especially when you consider that the king of the ARs, the AMAX, has received yet another nerf to bring it into line. However, with the C58’s addition in Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, you have a rather unique assault rifle that has elbowed its way into the Warzone meta. The C58 aims to deal high damage but with a super slow rate of fire. It certainly feels odd to use after playing with any