Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin long-term Price Analysis: 07 September

The descent in Bitcoin’s price has been drastic but at the time of writing, it was holding steady above the $10,000 level, something that, as we all know, is ephemeral. Bitcoin’s price wants to dip to the low-$9,000s and the same will happen eventually, however, until then, keeping your hands off trading would be good self-control.The long-term scenario for Bitcoin, at press time, seemed bleak for obvious reasons.Bitcoin 1-day chartSource: BTCUSD TradingViewAlthough Bitcoin’s 1-day chart showed the price’s breakout off the rising wedge, the interesting part was the rapid descent

YouTube pulls the plug on another crypto livestream

Crypto YouTuber Sunny Decree recently saw his livestream cut short by YouTube, with the platform stating the video had violated its 'harmful and dangerous policy.’According to a Sept. 5 tweet from Sunny Decree, the video-sharing platform halted his most recent livestream on his English language channel — based in Switzerland, the content creator also records in German — and warned him a second offense would result in a one-week suspension of service for livestreaming, uploading, and posting. Source: Twitter Decree’s channel has been targeted by YouTube before. In December 2019,

The Top 5 Products That Every Bitcoiner Needs

In 2012, Bitcoin Black Friday was launched as a way for Bitcoiners to hack the mainstream consumerism holiday and promote their favorite technology as a killer tool for payments and encourage merchant adoption. Thousands of merchants have participated by offering discounts for customers who pay in BTC, but the celebration fizzled in 2017 as the Bitcoin community became embroiled in debates over block size and Bitcoin for payments became conflated with arguments over scaling.But this year, Bitcoin Black Friday is back with brand new deals that help Bitcoiners make the

Bitcoin News Summary – February 24, 2020

 Decentralized loan service, bZx, was hacked second time following a previous incident on Valentine’s Day, for a combined total of 3,581 ETH (currently worth nearly a million Dollars). The hacker took out loans then manipulated the price of the underlying cryptos in order to pay back less than they borrowed. Chinese crypto exchange, FCoin, published a statement in which they announced the shutdown of their exchange. They admitted to a lack of funds worth up to $130 million. FCoin blamed the loss on a combination of data and decision