Here’s how Bitcoin spot, derivatives will do, following the expiry

Bitcoin Options are holding steady, despite Friday’s expiries that amounted to over $1B. As predicted a week ago, the expiry event was a smokescreen. In fact, the outcome was the opposite of the anticipated crash on the CME, with Open Interest and Volumes remaining consistent.  According to data from Skew, $7B worth of contracts expired last month on 28 August 2020, with the Open Interest dropping by 32% in less than a week. Recovery wasn’t complete yet, however, and the price on spot exchanges soon dropped 10% within a week of

Bitcoin retail traders have a lot to lose if this happens

MicroStrategy’s $500M investment in Bitcoin, now its primary asset reserve, has consistently made the headlines for over a week. Significantly, this move was viewed as an indicator of institutional interest since it has long been considered to be an important driver of Bitcoin’s price. During the historic bull run of 2017, institutional interest was key to the rally. In fact, at the time, the launch of CME’s Bitcoin Derivatives was considered to be a bold move during the bull run. Source: SkewInstitutional interest was hitting a peak in mid-August, and

Bitcoin Shoots To $10,800: Here’s What Analysts Think Comes Next

Bitcoin has recovered after a strong decline earlier this week. After dropping under $10,200 just over a day ago, the cryptocurrency has sprung back above $10,500. The coin now trades at $10,800, having undergone a strong rally just a few hours ago. The coin is up around 5% in the past 24 hours, rising as the U.S. dollar’s rally begins to taper off. Some pin the rally on an ongoing expiry in the futures and options markets, which are likely causing traders to open and close positions. Whatever the case,

Brace for it – Bitcoin Futures may be nearing a tipping point

What’s the tipping point for Bitcoin Futures on top derivatives exchanges like the CME, an exchange that has recorded a daily trading volume of over $300M and Open Interest of over $400M, consistently, for the past 3 months. Source: SkewWell, a small shift in Open Interest or trading volume can have a cascading effect on Bitcoin Futures’ performance in the next 180 days. Such a shift will be influenced by several factors, and it begins at the tipping point. Three factors, to be more specific. In the current phase of Bitcoin’s market

These 3 Technical Signs Show Bitcoin Could Soon Reverse Lower

Bitcoin has surged higher since bottoming last week under $10,000. The coin now trades for $10,850, slightly shy of the local highs at $11,150. BTC seemingly remains in a bull trend as it holds above the pivotal $10,500 support. $10,500 has long been an important level for Bitcoin, acting as a point at which three separate rallies have topped over the past year. Despite the price action, three technical signs show that a near-term reversal is likely. The reversal will likely drive the cryptocurrency towards the low-$10,000s once again. Most

Here’s why ETHUSD Perpetual swaps can do better

Many times, perpetual markets have outpaced spot markets for a multitude of reasons. High leverage is the primary driver of growth. It brings in new buyers and traders. Traders look for options like margining in crypto instead of fiat, and no expiry, as opposed to dated futures. This makes perpetual swap lucrative. To top this off, it is the easiest derivative product to short. They are used for tracking demand and price movement of the underlying asset.Contracts with fixed expiry dates require a trader to sell or buy the underlying asset

Here’s Why Ethereum Is Primed to Hit $290 After 12% Bounce

Ethereum has bounced after a punishing drop over the past two days. After falling as low as $290 on Saturday, the leading cryptocurrency has recently bounced as high as $355-360. This marks a 12-14% move from the local lows, which is actually an outperformance of Bitcoin. Some are optimistic that ETH runs back to $390, citing the technical supports it managed to hold above yesterday. Not everyone is convinced. A number of traders are still convinced Ethereum hits $290 in the near future. Ethereum dropping to $290 from current levels

SushiSwap on Roller Coaster Ride as Founder Cedes Control

Things in crypto-land move fast. On Sept. 5, the market sent SUSHI in a downward price spiral. By Sept. 6, investors were infused with new hope as the anonymous founder of SushiSwap transferred control of the project. Following the sale of the SUSHI tokens by the founder, the project became a dark horse in the industry. Quick Listings of Unaudited Tokens Two of the biggest exchange platforms in crypto, FTX and Binance, had been very quick to list SushiSwap’s token. The speed of the listings is quite different from what

Binance launches LINK, ADA Coin-margined contracts with eye on BitMEX

Binance may have entered the derivatives space late, but within no time, it has established its place in the market and among users. The reason behind its success was the variety of altcoins offered by the exchange along with the major coins. 2020, has been the year of DeFi and Binance realized this and added DeFi tokens to enable interested users to trade on its platform. Just the previous month, Binance Futures launched a new line of products called the perpetual futures COIN-margin and as per their announcement on Friday,

What We Can Learn About Lightning From #LNTrustChain2: Part 1

The first Lightning Network “torch relay” debuted on January 19, 2019, to spread adoption of second-layer Bitcoin payment protocol. When it concluded in April 2019, it boasted 278 participants and 56 countries visited. One year later, Hodlonaut, the person behind the torch inception started the relay again, on January 19, 2020. After a few days, however, it was obvious that the new iteration of the torch was different, starting with a high rate of torches being stolen and ending with the chain being “cancelled” by sending the amount through