Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Report 2023: Identifies 1,800+ Organisations in the Thriving UAE Web3 Space

Over 8,650 individuals currently contribute to the thriving Crypto, Blockchain, Metaverse, and Web3 Ecosystem of the UAE Highlights Get an in-depth look at the world's fastest growing Blockchain ecosystem in the newly launched spring edition of the report at the Dubai FinTech Summit 2023 The report provides a comprehensive breakdown of the ecosystem's main elements, including Governments & Associations, Startups & Projects, Investors & Collectors, Service Providers, Corporates, and Education & Research Of the total number of organisations, native ones make up 70.24% (1,270 organisations), while non-native ones account for

MContent appoints Hani El Khatib as the new Chief Executive Officer of blockchain & Web3

Highlights MContent announces the appointment of Hani El khatib as their new chief executive officer of blockchain & web3. Hani will oversee the overall MContent blockchain platform as well as all web3, NFTs, & crypto divisions. Hani will lead MContent to become a leading Web3 Company Date :- MContent, the world’s first web3 decentralized content ecosystem is pleased to announce the appointment of Hani El khatib as their new chief executive officer of blockchain & web3. The hiring of Hani El Khatib shows the commitment of the MContent board &

Commonwealth Bank CEO Warns About The Biggest Risk of Crypto, Its Not What You Think

Matt Comyn, the CEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia in a recent interview with Bloomberg revealed what he believes is the biggest risk with crypto today. Comyn said, given the rise of digital assets as the alternative investment sector, the biggest risk of crypto is “missing out.” He explained, even though the crypto market is relatively volatile, banks must work towards incorporating the tech to fulfil consumer demand. Failing to do so will leave banks out of the market completely. Comyn said, “We see risks in participating, but we see

How to Best Protect Your Money From Hackers as Crypto Markets Boom

“I got hacked and don’t even know how it happened,” mourned one crypto user on Twitter. “I left my wallet open in my browser on MetaMask and they got into my wallet. Lost all saitama, floki and hokk.”Sponsored Sponsored A small crypto investor, @ltjyaussie says he has always been careful with wallet security issues but did not know what hit him this time around. The Cyprus-based investor was a victim of a systematic attack. Against all his perceived defenses, he still got taken for a ride. He’s just one of

Fortune Publishes their Most Disgusting Bitcoin Article Yet. Here’s Why.

Just when you thought Fortune couldn’t sink any lower with their Bitcoin slander, the publication tries to relate a neutral technology to “the alt-right” and “white supremacists.” Is this what journalism has devolved into? Unfortunately, in the case of Fortune, the answer is yes. This is not the first time they have used their publication as a weapon. They’ve tried to slander Bitcoin numerous times before, and there’s a concrete reason for that. Related Reading | Bitcoin And Crypto Adoption Soars 880% In 2021, This Is What’s Driving It Before

Blockchain Intelligence Firm Chainalysis Seeks New Partners to Extend Its Reach

New York-based blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis is launching a major partnership program to expand its operations and broaden its intelligence capabilities.As one of the highest-profile analytics firms in the blockchain intelligence industry, Chainalysis develops investigative tools that enable firms, governments and law enforcement agencies to monitor blockchain transactions and track suspected illicit activities.Speaking to Cointelegraph on April 9, Chainalysis chief revenue officer Jason Bonds explained that the program would be dedicated to collaborations with several categories of partners.The first, key crypto infrastructure providers, will help Chainalysis and the wider industry

COVID-19 Has Reduced the Risk of a Post-Halving Price Dump

The recent COVID-19 market crash has reduced the risk of a halving price dump and could have set up a Bitcoin bullrun, some cryptocurrency experts believe.Earlier today Chainalysis brought together a group of industry experts for an online panel to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Bitcoin and what it means for the future.Chris Bendikson, Head of Research at CoinShares, said he believed the recent price crash in March had prepared miners early for the halving, which will reduce the sudden impact it could have had on their profitability. Those

Here’s How the Crypto Sector Is Navigating the Pandemic’s Challenges

Despite hopes that a peak of the coronavirus cases is near, the pandemic continues to impact almost every aspect of daily life, becoming a rolling news ticker in itself. When such a disaster strikes, it can be easy to go through each day devouring the latest news as it occurs and digesting each piece as a story by itself without forming an overall picture.This pandemic is a seismic event with far-reaching impacts across different sectors, and crypto is no exception. In fact, because cryptocurrency markets move at breakneck speeds, the

Crypto Payment Network Partners With ID Screening Service

Cryptocurrency network TemTum is partnering with identity verification service Shufti Pro to provide Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) screening services for its customers.As part of the partnership announced on April 7, Shufti Pro will verify TemTum clients'  KYC data including date of birth, addresses, names, document numbers, document issue dates and expiration dates.EU’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Initiative ComplianceThe partnership follows the adoption of the European Union's Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Initiative (5AMLD), which introduces new and, in some cases, tightened KYC measures on financial platforms — including cryptocurrency

P2P Exchange Paxful Now Offers Gold Transactions

Paxful, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading exchange, has added an option for users to now make transfers in gold.According to a post from CoinDesk, much like trading Bitcoin, users can decide when and where the trade is meant to happen. From there, funds will be sent into escrow until the trade is confirmed, and Paxful will release the funds. However, it’s worth noting that confirmation must happen within 21 days or the trade will fall through.Speaking a little on the matter was Ray Youssef, the CEO of Paxful. He said to