All bark and some bite. China’s Bitcoin ban puts traders in the ‘fear’ zone

China bans Bitcoin (BTC), again.No, we’re not traveling back in time. On Sept. 24, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) published a new set of measures to promote inter-departmental coordination on cracking down on crypto activity. The measures intended to “cut off payment channels, dispose of relevant websites and mobile applications in accordance with the law.”Most investors may have missed the $3 billion BTC and $1.5 billion Ether (ETH) monthly options expiry that took place less than one hour before the crypto ban news came out. According to “Molly”, a

TradingView Sees a 237% Increase in Visitors since the Pandemic Started

TradingView, one of the biggest financial portals in the world, witnessed a 400% increase in its membership accounts over the past 18 months after the Coronavirus pandemic sparked. According to CityAM, the site also saw a surge of 237% on visitors, with 550 million unique visitors from 180 countries.“TradingView was created with the belief that educated participation in global markets is the best means of increasing individual financial wellbeing. All of our tools and features work towards this goal of allowing anyone, anywhere, to look, learn, and succeed through trading

Here’s how Bitcoin spot, derivatives will do, following the expiry

Bitcoin Options are holding steady, despite Friday’s expiries that amounted to over $1B. As predicted a week ago, the expiry event was a smokescreen. In fact, the outcome was the opposite of the anticipated crash on the CME, with Open Interest and Volumes remaining consistent.  According to data from Skew, $7B worth of contracts expired last month on 28 August 2020, with the Open Interest dropping by 32% in less than a week. Recovery wasn’t complete yet, however, and the price on spot exchanges soon dropped 10% within a week of

Here’s Binance CEO’s take on how to ‘sort of slow down crypto-adoption’

When it comes to cryptocurrency adoption, the past year has been dominated by the fact that institutional investors are now pouring into the digital asset market. In light of growing regulatory clarity and products like those offered by Grayscale that make traditional investors feel right at home when dealing with crypto, the last 12 months have demonstrated that the realms of traditional finance and the digital assets market are bridging the gap.In a recent interaction with Charlie Shrem, Changpeng Zhao [CZ], Founder and CEO of Binance, elaborated on how the

DeFi Tokens Take a Beating Amid Cryptocurrency Market Hemorrhaging

A marketwide selloff has accelerated and it appears that DeFi tokens are taking the biggest hits at the moment as many of them retreat further from their all-time highs. Cryptocurrency markets have dumped around $20 billion over the past 24 hours in a fall back to around $315 billion according to TradingView, but it has not been the largest daily slump of the year. Bitcoin’s 5% slide back to $10,400 has been the catalyst as usual, and the asset could fall even further when a platter of futures expire later

Brace for it – Bitcoin Futures may be nearing a tipping point

What’s the tipping point for Bitcoin Futures on top derivatives exchanges like the CME, an exchange that has recorded a daily trading volume of over $300M and Open Interest of over $400M, consistently, for the past 3 months. Source: SkewWell, a small shift in Open Interest or trading volume can have a cascading effect on Bitcoin Futures’ performance in the next 180 days. Such a shift will be influenced by several factors, and it begins at the tipping point. Three factors, to be more specific. In the current phase of Bitcoin’s market

EOS long-term Price Analysis: 14 September

EOS was/is a supposed competitor to Ethereum and a new place for smart contracts, DApps, etc. However, lately, it hasn’t amounted to much. Once positioned in the top-10 of CoinMarketCap’s rankings, EOS, at the time of writing, was the 12th-largest cryptocurrency in the market with a 24-hour price change of -2% and a -6.3% price change for the week.Like many altcoins, EOS was once everything, but it might soon disappear into nothingness as many altcoins have. All the pragmatic pessimism aside, the coin was due for an impulse wave, at

Stocks Continue Downward Move While Bitcoin Fights to Stay Above $10,000

One criticism that often comes up when speaking with skeptics about crypto trading is the prospect that whales control this market. Well, that may be true, but the issue isn’t any worse than it is in any other market. The big story crossing financial media today is about a large hedge fund who’s been pushing around the world’s biggest tech stocks. So all the narratives about the Federal Reserve, QE, new retail money, stock splits, tech equities being immune to the virus, and pure momentum have fallen by the wayside,

Bitcoin Struggles to Hold Above $10,000 as Risk of Serious Downside Grows

Bitcoin plunged overnight to lows of $9,900 once again, with bulls struggling to defend against it seeing further downside Analysts are widely noting that the cryptocurrency is now at risk of seeing even further downside in the near-term as it struggles to maintain above its crucial support One trader is noting that a continued bout of trading below $10,000 could strike a blow to the crypto’s technical structure He reckons that this will lead BTC down towards its next support around $9,600, with a defense of this level being critical

Bitcoin long-term Price Analysis: 07 September

The descent in Bitcoin’s price has been drastic but at the time of writing, it was holding steady above the $10,000 level, something that, as we all know, is ephemeral. Bitcoin’s price wants to dip to the low-$9,000s and the same will happen eventually, however, until then, keeping your hands off trading would be good self-control.The long-term scenario for Bitcoin, at press time, seemed bleak for obvious reasons.Bitcoin 1-day chartSource: BTCUSD TradingViewAlthough Bitcoin’s 1-day chart showed the price’s breakout off the rising wedge, the interesting part was the rapid descent