Preventing Skin Problems Caused by Mask Wearing

Introduction We wear face masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19. There is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that masks are incredibly effective at controlling the rate at which the coronavirus pandemic spreads. Today, more places require people to don an FFP2 masken Schwarz before they are allowed. There is little doubt that masks are essential. Therefore, any concerns that people have about wearing Schwarze ffp2 maske have to be overcome. One of these is rashes on the face and the skin. People have reported experiencing maskne (coined from mask and

Hollywood MPSC Platform Awarded First Nugenesis Nuchain Slot

NuGenesis Signs major contract to deliver on much discussed, Hollywood MPSC Platform (Multimedia and Product Service Coin).Want to own an NFT that not only gives you royalties but also gives you bragging rights, giving you the opportunity to own a piece of your favorite movie scene with rights and conditions attached? Taking smart contracts to a completely new level, while simplifying the NFT procurement and ownership process?Thanks to a partnership between NuGenesis and Iggy Kos. Soon, you might be able to.NFTs have become the new craze globally. Smart contracts and NFT’s

The Effect of Coronavirus on the Cryptocurrency Market

The year 2020, has been greatly eventful. From threats of a world war, to increased terrorist attacks. A biography on the life of the year 2020, would not only be a bestseller but also an excellent read. However the most significant single event of this year is and has been the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, at its global takeover. From a regular virus, one that was once considered to be not worse than a cold flu, to transition into a global pandemic outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of

Turkey Residents Panicking Over Massive Inflation

Rampant inflation is affecting Turkish residents’ confidence in the nation’s lira fiat currency. According to a Reuters report on Aug. 14, locals are dumping lira, converting it to dollars and buying gold. Even with market interventions and reassuring stories about monetary stability coming from the government, the locals’ faith in the lira is on a downward trajectory. Inflation is currently at 11.8% and has overtaken the amount of interest offered for savings at banks. One resident was quoted as saying he had bought gold as a safe-haven asset:“I think it is the best investment

#BitcoinForBeirut Seeks Sound Money To Help City’s Explosion Victims

On August 4, news of major explosions at the port of Beirut spread around the world, along with astounding videos and images. It quickly became apparent that the damage was extensive and that many in Beirut had been killed, injured or had become casualties of extensive property damage.And the tragedy came at a precipitous time for those in Beirut. A years-long economic crisis and the strains caused by the novel coronavirus in Lebanon have resulted in skyrocketing exchange rates, widespread distrust of banks and a rising interest in alternatives like

Key Timing for Adoption? Crypto Goes Mainstream With TV, Newspaper Ads

Amid turbulent times for the world at large, the cryptocurrency space seems to be cruising on its own steam in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has put a major strain on economies around the world, and countries such as the United States have seen their central banks resort to extended quantitative easing in order to stimulate their financial ecosystems.Some analysts believe that this continual fiscal stimulus is part of the reason that the cryptocurrency market is enjoying relative success compared with its traditional financial counterparts.The likes of Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of

Bitcoin and Gold Short-Lived Correlation Not a Sign of Comparability

The Bitcoin (BTC) and gold one-month correlation reached a record high of 68% as Bitcoin hit $12,000 early in August, but the correlation crashed by 20% the following week. Despite this, Bitcoin looks set to become digital gold in 2020 considering the price correlations and trends in the futures market.Both gold and Bitcoin are having a phenomenal year in terms of year-to-date returns. According to Skew Analytics, gold has a 27.93% YTD return, while Bitcoin has racked up a 71.68% YTD yield. Although Bitcoin sees much higher volatility than gold,

Weekly Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

Simon Peters, market analyst: Bitcoin Teases Us At $12,000  Suffice it to say, it was a busy week, with mixed performance in equity markets and odd – but not unpromising – movements for bitcoin. The FTSE All-Share index and the STOXX600 both recorded steady rises, while the S&P500, which started the week at 3,352, took a turn for the worse on Wednesday. After its drop to 3,335, it has since recovered to 3,372. Bitcoin broke through $12,000 on Monday, only to suffer a significant fall to $11,275 by Wednesday morning.

Bitcoin Proceeds of COVID-19 Business Support Scheme Fraud Seized

A U.K. woman has been arrested in possession of £115,000 ($150,000) of Bitcoin (BTC), according to a Metropolitan Police report. The cryptocurrency is alleged to be the proceeds of a fraudulent scheme applying for government loans designed to assist small businesses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.The 35-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of fraud, money laundering and child neglect, following the search of a residential address in Ipswich, United Kingdom on Aug 12. Officers successfully applied for the detention of the Bitcoin held in the suspect’s cryptocurrency wallet

Invest 3% in Bitcoin to Avoid COVID-19 Lockdown Devaluation — BitGo CEO

Coronavirus lockdowns will force people out of fiat currency and into gold and Bitcoin (BTC), the CEO of cryptocurrency asset manager BitGo has warned.In a series of tweets on Aug. 12, Mike Belshe strongly urged investors to divert a minimum of 3% of their portfolio into Bitcoin.Belshe: investors will move from cash to gold, BitcoinAs multiple jurisdictions around the world reenter compulsory lockdown conditions, Belshe said that in the United States, the government had made a prison for itself using the policy.“The government is being forced to maintain lockdowns for