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‘Wolf of All Streets’ Trader Expects Bitcoin to Surpass $100K Within 6 to 12 Months

Crypto trader and investor Scott Melker, also known as “The Wolf of All Streets,” expects the price of bitcoin to hit new all-time highs by the end of the year. “I would not be surprised at all to see bitcoin trading in six figures within the next six to 12 months, or ethereum even pushing towards $10,000 in that time,” he said. The trader also sees the Senate’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill as the biggest advertisement in history for bitcoin. ‘Wolf of All Streets’ Trader Sees Many Upsides to Bitcoin

Africa’s Leading NFT Project to Launch NFT Marketplace with Maiden NFT. AFRO X NFT Artdrop and Super AMA Session via Binance Africa.

This is one of the most exciting news in the crypto industry, especially for the ever-expanding African crypto space.  Last week, AFEN announced the release date for the long-anticipated NFT marketplace. The launch date is scheduled for the 20th of August 2020. Once launched, the AFEN NFT marketplace is set to become one of the few African projects to move from idea to actual product with tremendous impact. AFEN NFT marketplace will also move to compete with top ranking NFT marketplaces such as open sea, Rarible, and Foundation with AFEN

Wirex Announces its First Crowdfunding and Aiming to Raise £1M

Rate this post Wirex, a leading payments platform, has recently announced its first crowdfunding. According to the announcement, the firm is aiming to raise £1 million through this crowdfunding round. It is claimed that the firm will be providing an opportunity to the customers and the interested ones to invest before scaling-up.  The investors are able to pre-register to invest through this crowdfunding from September 21. For this funding round, Wirex will be using Crowdcube and it is expected that this one is going to be the most successful by

Binance US CEO Says Crypto Adoption Can Make Businesses Pandemic Resilient

Rate this post Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance US, has recently given a statement that by adopting cryptocurrencies, businesses will be able to become “pandemic resilient”. She believes that crypto adoption is among one of the only ways that will help the businesses in this condition.  Coley Believes Crypto Has the Ability to Offer Uses Beyond Speculation  Coley had an interview on September 21 with Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway, which was taken on the Odd Lots podcasts by Bloomberg. She believes that crypto has an ability to offer the

GFSC Updates Regulations to Include Latest FATF Rules

Rate this post The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, GFSC, has updated its regulations related to the operation of DLT providers. The regulations have been updated in order to meet with the latest FATF rules. According to the firm, this action has been taken in response to the huge blockchain adoption and fast-moving nature of the technology. The commission is also aiming to support the companies meanwhile protecting the rights of the consumers.  GFSC Requires VASPs to Capture and Maintain Transactions Record In the updated guidance by FATF, there are recommendations

KuCoin and Poloniex Team Up To Research Crypto Industry

Rate this post Two well-known crypto exchanges, KuCoin and Poloniex, have teamed up in order to do proper research of the crypto industry. It is believed that this partnership will take the crypto industry forward. It is revealed that jointly, both these firms will be working towards liquidity sharing, PoS and PoW mining pools, research and development of the technology, and many other things.  Both KuCoin and Poloniex believe that instead of competing against each other in the same industry, one should work together. The crypto exchanges aim to take