TCG World Proudly Announces Partnership With STYNGR & Downtown

In partnership with STYNGR, XRP Ledger, and the iconic Downtown is set to launch music digital collectibles in Q2 2024 featuring artist exclusives, in-world activations, and more LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2024 – The virtual realm will soon pulse to the rhythm of music. TCG World, the fast-growing and immersive Web3 online open world metaverse, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with STYNGR, the premier music integration platform for the gaming ecosystem, and Downtown, one of the most dominant forces in the music industry. In a move set to revolutionize the

K10 Esports Embarks on a Revolutionary Journey: From Championships to the TCG World Metaverse.

An Exciting New Frontier for Esports Fans and Gamers Alike London, England. October 6, 2023. In a groundbreaking move that promises to redefine the esports landscape, the globally-renowned K10 Esports announces its next venture: diving into the world of the Metaverse with TCG World. As they continue their relentless pursuit of glory in games such as CS2, Valorant, and many more titles to come, K10 is now set to offer fans an unprecedented immersive experience by streaming their matches live in virtual venues within the TCG World Metaverse. This pioneering

SCCG Partners with Wagyu Games: Unleashing Kill-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming with Flagship Product, Undead Blocks

LAS VEGAS, NV – SCCG Management, a prominent gambling advisory firm well-known for its significant involvement in esports and blockchain gaming, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Wagyu Games. As the industry leader in Kill-to-Earn gaming and the innovative creator of the blockchain-based game, Undead Blocks, Wagyu Games has positioned itself at the forefront of gaming technology. This collaboration with SCCG Management will focus on raising capital and strengthening the business development and distribution strategies for Wagyu Games' flagship product, Undead Blocks. By merging SCCG's strategic business

SCCG Partners with Kajot Games for Distribution of iGaming Content to North America and Worldwide

Las Vegas, NV – SCCG Management, a leading advisory firm in the global gambling industry, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Kajot, for the distribution of their world-class iGaming content, with an initial focus on social gaming in the United States. The collaboration is poised to eventually expand into real-money gaming within the US market, including targeted initiatives within specific states in collaboration with tribal casinos. Stephen Crystal, Founder & CEO of SCCG, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with Kajot, an innovative partner known for their

A Hero Shooter Citizen Conflict Bridges Web2 Gaming with Web3 Innovations

A brand-new competitive hero shooter by QORPO Game Studio is set to democratize esports and bring back true ownership to the hands of players. Highlights Citizen Conflict is a Free2Play PvP hero shooter based on BNB Smart Chain  The story revolves around a futuristic cyberpunk-style environment built in Unreal Engine 5 The game aims at letting retail players organize tournaments and earn from non-centralized esports without endless hours of obsessive training The game introduces unique characters, power-starved syndicates, and multiple game modes QORPO Game Studio vision is to forge a

Take A Chance, Be The Pioneer Of The New Era With Nibiru

HONG KONG, Oct 26, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - With the continuous development of technology and Internet applications, the world wide web had evolved from WEB1.0 (read-only web), WEB2.0 (participative social Web) to WEB3.0 metaverse (read, write, execute Web). The unique features of metaverse - Digital Avatar, Community Driven, Immersive, Low Latency, Creator Economy, Diversity, Openness & Persistence enable you to be who you want to be, create what you want, where you want, for whom you want, and how you want. Nibiru is a Web3 platform, and a network

P2E Game Gods Unchained Held Its First Major Esports Tournament Earlier This Month

Gods Unchained, a P2E card battler by Australia-based Web3 game studio Immutable, is stepping into the professional esports realm. Several community events have already been held in the game throughout the year to grow the Gods Unchained esports ecosystem, and now the team behind the NFT game with P2E mechanics has stepped up their game. The “Battle for the Light” tournament held earlier this month saw a global event, with participants taking it out on the virtual battlefield for a massive prize pool worth $70,000. Esports have already proven a

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You will definitely love 12Bet!

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Ikonic Releases Esports NFT MarketPlace.

Announcing the launch of IKONIC, the World’s First Dedicated NFT Platform for Esports and Gaming Collectibles. The IKONIC platform will be a full-service NFT marketplace that will serve pro-players, gamers, teams, and content creators within the gaming industry; a dedicated marketplace where they can create unique and rare digital items for their fans. IKONIC platform will launch on Monday, August 22nd, allowing esports players and gamers to create NFTs with their gameplay. The IKONIC team realized that some of the most amazing moments in gaming were vanishing just as fast

Reasons why you should join W88 now!

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Esports Metaverse Leader ESTN Launches Vault Box NFTs

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL – July, 2022 -- ESTN today announced the launch of the long-awaited “vault box” NFT’s to their 50K+ strong community, with the minting event going live on Friday, July 20th. ESTN (Electronic Sports Tournament Network™) is a global, blockchain-powered metaverse esports arena owned via NFT ‘Seat Licenses’. “We’re very excited to be launching the vault box minting for our community. This is the first major release and within the coming weeks we will be launching the actual “seat NFT’s” which give holders licensing rights in the actual