A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Data

A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Data = Previous post Next post =>    Tags: Beginners, Data Analytics, Data Science, Qualitative Analytics, Quantitative Analytics, Statistics Every aspiring data scientist must know the concept of data and the kind of analysis they can run. This article introduces the concept of data (quantitative and qualitative) and the types of analysis. comments By Angelica Lo Duca, Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the National Research Council According to the Cambridge Dictionary [1], Data is information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be

Spectre.AI’s Reverse Futures allows trading on Positive Stocks in the past!

2020 has been extremely opportunistic from a professional trading perspective. Although the larger economic landscape has suffered due to the current Pandemic, several organizations have had their stocks flying at an all-time high price. The best example out there was Tesla’s meteoric rise.Source: Trading ViewBetween 18th March 2020 to 1st September 2020, Tesla’s stock has been up by 595% which is astonishing and beyond anyone’s expectations. After the collapse on 13th March, very few people were able to capitalize on TSLA stock, and many traders were left pondering on this

$Kimchi Finance Took the DeFi Market By Storm

The DeFi arena has been spicing up the cryptosphere with the introduction of one food-sounding token after another. The latest menu offering has Kimchi brewing. This crypto clone that recently jumped into the DeFi space has the same architecture with that of SushiSwap, which was also a doppelganger of Uniswap, but has a lot more to offer, including a governance token. This neophyte has more value bombs than you can imagine. Named after the famous Korean dish, Kimchi has only been launched on September 1 but has already garnered a

Bitcoin News Summary – February 17, 2020

 The Trump administration plans to implement new regulations around the cryptocurrency industry. US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin announced to Congress that FinCEN (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) will shortly release the new regulations. While Mnuchin spoke favorably of the potential of stablecoins to make “small Dollar payments cross-border,” he warned that crypto privacy allows for money laundering. Early this week, multiple reports were circulating regarding the theft of funds from the IOTA Trinity wallet. The IOTA team took the decision to turn off the Coordinator, in effect freezing all transactions