Blockpass integrates award-winning ID system with Solana Wallets, offers special discount to Solana projects

HONG KONG, Sept 7, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - Blockpass has announced that it will be integrating its identity verification solution with Solana Wallets and supporting Solana projects with its revolutionary On-Chain KYC(R) solution. Additionally, Blockpass will provide a unique special offer available to all Solana projects in the form of a 50% discount. Solana is a blockchain network with the fundamental ideals of an open-source community, decentralization, staking and censorship resistance at its heart. The Solana network is validated by thousands of independently-operating nodes that ensures data remains secure

Blockpass heralds Consensus 2023 with the most affordable, built-for-crypto ZK KYC

HONG KONG, Apr 25, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - Blockpass is excited to reveal that it is sponsoring and attending the Consensus event in Austin, Texas this week, from the 26th to the 28th of April. One of Blockpass' founders, Hans Lombardo, will be available to meet prospective customers and investors as well as press representatives at the event. In addition, Blockpass is offering a temporary discount on its services, with its subscription plans at 50% off their monthly minimum and accompanied by a free 7-day trial. To claim this discount, customers need to

Dvision Network announces first LAND sale with Binance NFT and NFTb on 24th November

Dvision has recently announced that it will be conducting the LAND Sale for its digital estate that will be used in the Dvision Metaverse through tripartite cooperation with Binance NFT and NFTb, allowing its users to participate in the sale on three platforms with different sale structures. Dvision has revealed, that it will be offering 1,450 NFT Mystery Boxes through Binance NFT exclusively for users. As the name suggests itself, the mystery box contains a random LAND NFT from the total LAND collection offered by Dvision. The users will be able

CeloLaunch AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Hi Everyone. Welcome to another BeInCrypto AMA Session.Sponsored Sponsored Today we have Stephen (@Stephen_CLA) who is a community manager of CeloLaunch, the first DeFi launchpad on the Celo network.  BeInCrypto (BIC): Community, here is how things will work. I’ll have 10 questions for him. After that, he will pick up 5 out of all the questions you asked before the session. Good luck to you all!Sponsored Sponsored (This AMA has been edited for clarity.) BIC: I would like to ask you something general to kick things off, so please provide

Crypto Investor News for 11/17

Staples Center to be Renamed Arena (BBC): The tipping point has arrived. Investor takeaway: Expect everyone you know to suddenly become interested in crypto investing. We’ve gone mainstream. How India is Regulating Crypto (Economic Times): India will ban crypto for payments, ban crypto advertising, and allow crypto as investments. Investor takeaway: Overall positive news for us, as it gives a government stamp of approval on crypto investing. Thank you to India for taking the lead on thoughtful regulation. ConsenSys is Now Worth $3.2 Billion (ConsenSys): Celebrating its latest funding

Crypto Investor News for 11/16

Your Crypto Rights (Binance): A manifesto for how the crypto industry needs to evolve, with a priority on your rights as an investor. Investor Takeaway: Binance, which makes up part of our Future Winners portfolio, is once again leading the charge with a future-focused take on crypto regulation. We agree with all ten points. Read them. A six-minute explainer video on DeFi, courtesy of Wall Street Journal.Investor takeaway: Remember, the platform that most DeFi is built upon is Ethereum, which is why we buy and hold ETH for the long

Prepare for the Future of Decentralized Venture Investment with DAOLaunch

Nov 17, 2021 at 13:00 // News Nowadays, Venture capitalists and institutional investors dominate the investment business. The issue is that they may use their capital, network, connections, and brand to negotiate better investment terms and generate significant returns.   Most of these types of transactions take place in a private context. Ordinarily, retail investors do not have access to such opportunities. More than ever, a democratic and realistic approach to start-up investment is required.  This method will boost the start-up industry's competitiveness and innovation. DAOLaunch presents a Decentralized Venture Capital

COMP’s incentive crisis and what lies ahead for alt’s price

The DeFi space has accelerated at a pretty good pace of late, despite some setbacks in the first half of the year. In 2021 alone, the ecosystem reported a growth rate of over 20x. A lot of upcoming protocols like Abracadabra have made star entries recently too. Even so, platforms like Maker, Aave, and Compound are ruling the roost, still maintaining their spot in the top five in terms of total value locked.  Maker and Aave have had their fair share of price pumps over the last couple of months. However,

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Rehabilitation Plan Gets Final Approval From Trustee Board

The Mt. Gox bitcoin rehabilitation plan, which would reimburse 150,000 BTC to victims of the exchange hack has gained final approval from the trustee board. The development marks one of the final steps before the Mt. Gox saga is finally put to rest.Sponsored Sponsored The rehabilitation plan for Mt. Gox has gained final approval from the trustee and has become final and binding, according to a notice published on Nov 16. The confirmation has been a long time coming, after news of a rehabilitation plan emerged in January 2021. The

Everything Users Need to Know About Blockademia Token Sale

The new Croatian cryptocurrency startup Blockademia recently revealed their decentralized information system for issuing and checking the authenticity of issued documents such as diplomas, certificates, and others. Sponsored Sponsored Blockademia works on the Cardano blockchain, which ensures the permanence and immutability of the issued entry containing document metadata and subsequent authenticity checks.  To raise funds for further development, this cryptocurrency startup plans to issue 85 million ACI tokens, out of a total of 250 million. The initial distribution of ACI tokens is carried out through its own web system in