Affordable services to manage your AML / KYC processes

Digital client onboarding is a feature of The Link App to help you embrace smart technology to effortlessly communicate with clients using a secure alternative to emails and other messaging apps. Improve your business function and benefit from satisfied clients and positive client feedback. Simply communicate with your clients within The Link App and safely share sensitive information. Digital onboarding allows you to transform the client experience whilst keeping secure communication all in one place. Brand recognition is important to growing your business, no matter which platform you’re using. That’s

Former Georgian PM: Blockchain is the steam engine of Industry 4.0

Located at the intersection between Europe and Asia, Georgia is a small country with a big mission to drive blockchain adoption and education. In February 2017, the government of Georgia made a bold move by signing an agreement to use the Bitcoin blockchain to record land titles, making it the first national government to use blockchain for authenticating state operations.Georgia’s innovation didn’t stop there, rather continuing to grow as the country became a powerhouse for mining crypto. Then, in June 2019, the government of Georgia signed a memorandum of understanding

Blockchain: A Bliss for the Agri-Food industry

This article throws light upon the challenges faced by the Agri-food businesses around the globe especially in the developing and underdeveloped economies and how Blockchain technology is the road ahead for overcoming challenges of the industry from farm to fork. Originally, the processing of raw materials and the storing of perishable commodities used for food preparation was carried on a family or artisan scale. However, it was only after the industrial revolution when agri-food came into existence. Today, the agri-food industry is situated at the center of a very important

Blockchains Unlock Institutions with Internet Scale

Reading Time: 4 minutes From Promises Enforced by Law to Promises Enforced by Code Blockchains are the first technology ever invented that gives software systems the ability — without trusted intermediaries — to make highly credible promises. These promises are enforced by a novel combination of technological innovations spanning peer-to-peer networking, encryption, and consensus mechanisms. The first blockchain was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as a solution to the long-standing problem of how to create a digital currency that operates outside of the control of banks and governments. This