8 Exciting Online Games Set in Classical Antiquity

Some of the best games ever made have been set in the period of Antiquity. Trying to pick out the best ones has been a difficult task, as there have been so many great online games set during this period in history. But fear not, we are a persistent bunch here at BagoGames and have managed to bring together 8 of the top online games set in ancient times, otherwise known as the classical Antiquity period.  God of War Series The God of War series of video games follows Kratos,

Diminishing returns: Is Bitcoin underperforming compared to altcoins?

The first half of 2021 in the crypto markets brought many comparisons to 2017. Bitcoin (BTC) was on a tear to its all-time high, the new frontier of decentralized finance emerged, and nonfungible tokens were gaining myriad celebrity endorsements. But after the initial months of euphoria and a subsequent sell-off, BTC’s performance has been far more lackluster. The recent market sell-off resulting from the Evergrande crisis has compounded fears. However, it can’t be ignored that many altcoins, particularly platform tokens, have undergone impressive runs and, in some cases, even bucked broader

Beginners Vs. Experienced: How Both Buy Bitcoin?

Several financial sector regulators, including the US SEC and multinational financial institutions, have classified Bitcoin as an asset. Although it was initially created to serve as a currency, beginner or experienced investors treat BTC as an asset.Different traders – whether beginner or experienced – have different approaches to buying Bitcoin. This article covers how to buy cryptocurrency if you are either beginner or experienced crypto trader/investor.How do Beginners Buy Bitcoin?Mostly Trend FollowingFor beginners, the crypto market can seem overwhelming at first. They are not well-versed in market analysis and the

Is This the End of Fiat Money After a 50 Year Dominance?

On August 15, 1971, Nixon announced the abandonment of the gold standard. Fiat money was invented and from then on, the dollar was no longer pegged to gold or any other asset.All of a sudden an era of easy money started, just by pressing a button unlimited amounts of money flooded the markets without any… Source:

From Red Gold to Olympic Gold: Seedo Corp. Seeks Solutions for Athletes and More

Seedo Corp. highlights saffron’s medicinal properties as mental health takes center stage at the Olympics in Tokyo. TEL AVIV, Israel, August 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Seedo Corp. (OTC: SEDO), an agtech company that is developing the protocols to grow saffron using vertical farming technology, today announced that it is expanding its research to include the study of the spice’s well known natural anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Similar to the approach of the indoor cannabis industry, Seedo hopes to be able to enhance the medicinal properties of this unique herb for use in pharmaceutical

KDnuggets™ News 21:n29, Aug 4: GitHub Copilot Open Source Alternatives; 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Linear Regression Models Instead of Neural Networks

KDnuggets™ News 21:n29, Aug 4: GitHub Copilot Open Source Alternatives; 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Linear Regression Models Instead of Neural Networks = Previous post Next post =>    Tags: Generative Models, GitHub, Linear Regression, Modeling, Neural Networks, NLP, Open Source, Programming GitHub Copilot Open Source Alternatives; 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Linear Regression Models Instead of Neural Networks; A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Data; MLOps Best Practices; GPU-Powered Data Science (NOT Deep Learning) with RAPIDS Features | Products | Tutorials | Opinions | Tops | Jobs | Submit a blog | Image of the week This week on KDnuggets:

Why are LoL players already complaining about Akshan’s abilities?

Christian Vejvad • 08/Jul/21 • 18:12Just 24 hours after Riot Games revealed the abilities of the newest champion Akshan, a large portion of the game's community is loudly voicing its skepticism.  It’s by no means unusual that LoL players are skeptical when a new and seemingly strong additions to the game is introduced, and Akshan is no exception. The Rogue Sentinel has really divided the community with his new and unique mechanics that some think will be  broken from day one. The main ability in question is Akshan’s Going Rogue

What is CSGO surfing? How this glitch turned into a mini-game

Kenneth Williams • 08/Jul/21 • 05:54Surfing is a unique feature of the Source engine that lets players quickly gain speed when hugging steep angles. What started as a glitch has become the most popular custom game modes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other Source titles. Surfing has become an iconic CSGO custom game for its difficult, yet strangely calming challenge. Surfing has its roots in the original Half-Life’s Goldsource engine. Since Half-Life served as the base game for the original Counter-Strike 1.6, surfing carried over to the multiplayer shooter. After

Liquid`TaeJa Retires

Team Liquid has written TaeJa several glowing tributes in the past—for his retirement, for his return to StarCraft II after military service, and once simply out of sheer appreciation for how good he was. Each and every one of those were deserved, because TaeJa was one of the greatest pro gamers to ever play for Team Liquid.Now, it’s time for one last tribute to the Crown Prince.“This feels like Liquid's biggest acquisition in history.”-Liquid`Nazgul (March 28th, 2012)When TaeJa joined Liquid in March of 2012, Liquid fans couldn’t believe their luck.

Nexo Chief: Bitcoin Boomers Flock to Semi-Centralized Finance Platforms

In 2020, crypto assets have outperformed gold and equities. Stocks have seen a lot of volatility leading up to the 2020 US presidential election. Antoni Trenchev, CEO of the Nexo online lending/borrowing platform, explained why Ethereum and other assets are on the rise. In part, the crypto space is seeing a rocketing interest among baby boomers. Start With Bitcoin Trenchev sat down with Bloomberg TV to share his thoughts on the huge surge in crypto-asset prices. He believes the DeFi craze has powered the market. The Bulgarian told Bloomberg that