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How the Right Supplier Helps Meet Aircraft Assembly Needs

Governmental regulations increasingly determine materials used in aircraft assembly, which can pose challenges for your manufacturing process. As you compare suppliers for your materials, consider the value Bostik can bring in helping you meet these requirements.Flexible Formulation CapabilitiesBostik experts understand that certain applications require adhesives to meet particular specifications before being approved for use. Therefore, we offer flexible formulation capabilities where our experts can design adhesives specifically for your aircraft assembly requirements. For example, this can include formulating products with flame retardancy added directly within their chemistry for ease of

Turkey looking to launch their own national digital currency

Although we have entered the Chinese year of the Rat, this also might be Turkey’s year of crypto. According to a recent survey by Statista, 16.8 million people in Turkey (20% of the population) use or possess a cryptocurrency, and rumour has it that they are about to wade in with their own digital lira or “Turkcoin." This could be a smart move for the country often regarded as a critical strategic partner to both the east and west due to its central position to both. With the Turkish lira