Diversifi in Partnership with Cloverly Launched Green Crypto for Institutions

First crypto risk management platform for institutions, utilizes Cloverly, asustainability-as-a-service platform, to help the crypto industry offset its environmental footprintNovember 25, 2021 Tel Aviv, Israel and Atlanta GA, USA Diversifi, the first tech-driven crypto risk management platform for institutions, and Cloverly, asustainability-as-a-service platform, cooperate on helping the crypto industry offset itsenvironmental footprint. Diversifi automatically offsets the carbon footprint of crypto holders bycalculating the carbon footprint and utilizing Cloverly’s carbon offset API. The offset addressesthe impact of Bitcoin mining, Ether mining, and smart contracts execution, including mintingNFTs. “We remove the complexities

On-Chain Governance on Tezos: Simply Explained

Author: Benny Attar When I first stumbled onto Tezos, I did a quick Google search to see what I was getting myself into. Like most people, when I saw “A blockchain designed to evolve” and “a self-amending crypto-ledger,” I was quite confused. What does “self-amending” mean? Upon further research, I began to understand the values that Tezos was built on. One of the few (yet major) flaws of decentralization are disagreements within a community. As a result, major blockchains, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum have seen “forks” (or splits) in their

Egyptair’s first commercial flight lands in Israel

The first commercial flight of the Egyptian national airline, Egyptair touched down in Israel this Sunday at noon. As is the tradition, the plane was sprayed with water on its arrival on the tarmac. From today, the company will offer four flights per week between Cairo and Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Since the signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979, Egypt has created the company Air Sinai to exclusively serve flights between Egypt and Israel, but Egyptair had never scheduled a flight to Israel until

Seedo subsidiary awarded grant from Israeli innovation authority

Seedo Corp. subsidiary awarded $1 million grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority to support its R&D efforts in growing saffron using vertical farming technology. Tel Aviv, Israel, August 9, 2021 (PR NEWSWIRE) – Seedo Corp. (OTC: SEDO) subsidiary has been awarded a $1,000,000 (One Million) grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority. The new grant will allow the AgTech company to accelerate its R&D program building on its groundbreaking development of the protocols for growing saffron using vertical farming technology. The funds will be allocated to enable the company expand its facilities, allowing it to

From Red Gold to Olympic Gold: Seedo Corp. Seeks Solutions for Athletes and More

Seedo Corp. highlights saffron’s medicinal properties as mental health takes center stage at the Olympics in Tokyo. TEL AVIV, Israel, August 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Seedo Corp. (OTC: SEDO), an agtech company that is developing the protocols to grow saffron using vertical farming technology, today announced that it is expanding its research to include the study of the spice’s well known natural anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Similar to the approach of the indoor cannabis industry, Seedo hopes to be able to enhance the medicinal properties of this unique herb for use in pharmaceutical

Stocks, Digital Assets, and Commodities Start the Week in the Green

It’s been nearly half a year since Italy first imposed a full lockdown on their citizens, and most of the rest of the world soon followed. The lockdowns proved extremely effective at combating the spread of the virus but also came with a heavy cost. The impact these measures had, however, became completely useless after the restrictions ceased. It’s 48 days until the next U.S. presidential election. Similar to the lockdown measures, a U.S. president is only effective while they are in power, thanks in part due to a rapidly

Digital Asset Daily: Three Reasons Why Stocks are Fearful

Digital Asset Daily with Mati Greenspan: Three Reasons Why Stocks are Fearful For the first time in a long time fear can be felt in the global markets. Over the weekend we've received some distressing news regarding the spread of the Coronavirus to more Western countries including Iran, Israel, and Italy. If traders aren't fearful of pandemic an even bigger nightmare of theirs seems to be materializing. Bernie Sanders is gaining steam in the Democratic party and now seems quite likely to be the one who'll face Trump in November. All this