A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Data

A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Data = Previous post Next post =>    Tags: Beginners, Data Analytics, Data Science, Qualitative Analytics, Quantitative Analytics, Statistics Every aspiring data scientist must know the concept of data and the kind of analysis they can run. This article introduces the concept of data (quantitative and qualitative) and the types of analysis. comments By Angelica Lo Duca, Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the National Research Council According to the Cambridge Dictionary [1], Data is information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be

Social Media And Crypto: Friends Or Foes?

Social media has become a major factor in modern society. What is the relation between them and the cryptocurrency world? In 2018, this topic became popular due to the announcement of Facebook‘s own stablecoin, Libra, causing a lot of controversies. However, the relation between cryptocurrencies and social media goes beyond Zuckerberg’s approach to the fintech world. Facebook: the great unknown We have written enough about Libra on since the announcement of this cryptocurrency in the middle of 2018. And even if Facebook’s recent approach to cryptocurrency is most often