8 Exciting Online Games Set in Classical Antiquity

Some of the best games ever made have been set in the period of Antiquity. Trying to pick out the best ones has been a difficult task, as there have been so many great online games set during this period in history. But fear not, we are a persistent bunch here at BagoGames and have managed to bring together 8 of the top online games set in ancient times, otherwise known as the classical Antiquity period.  God of War Series The God of War series of video games follows Kratos,

Buy Virtual Lands in El Salvador Now

El Salvador is a small Central American country of just over 6 million people. It has a rich, indigenous cultural heritage and its capital, San Salvador, is one of the most iconic cities in the world. Indeed, it’s known as the landfall of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Besides its rich history, El Salvador is also known for being the first crypto-friendly country in the world. In fact, El Salvador was one of the first countries in the region to declare its intent to become a crypto nation. They’ve recently adopted

IEM Fall 2021 to be played on the latest CSGO update

- Advertisement - As a part of the Valve-sanctioned event list, IEM Fall 2021 will see the Regional Major Ranking event run on the latest update of CSGO. It would further help the teams to gain points towards the PGL Stockholm Major, to be held later this year. A total of six events were declared by the event organizer ahead of the Major including, to be played across the North and South America, CIS, Asia, and the Oceanic regions. Earlier in August, ESL had declared the forthcoming IEM Fall 2021

Crypto Shorts, Robinhood Revenue, Plus500 H1, XRP Market Cap: Editor’s Pick

In a quieter week for news, let’s take a look at the news stories that dominated the worlds of forex, fintech and crypto in our best of the week segment.$160 Million Worth of Crypto Shorts Liquidated in the Last 24 HoursThe trading week kicked off with the news that the total market cap of crypto assets crossed the level of $2 trillion on Sunday after a strong rally in altcoins.Almost $160 million worth of short crypto trading positions were liquidated in the previous 24 hours. Approximately $55 million worth of short

New Worlds Map Contest: Finals (VOTE HERE!)

MineraIs Profile Joined September 2020 United States389 Posts - We ask for your final vote on your top 2 favorite maps in the comments, in order. - Votes will not be considered if not in order or not containing two votes.- The map with the most votes will be the winner of the map contest!- The winner will recieve PRIZE $$$! *beep beep* not enough Minerals. -:- MineraIs Profile Joined September 2020 United States389 Posts Thank you everyone for your participation through out this long process. This has been

Pokémon Legends Arceus Pokédex: every Pokémon confirmed so far

Fans have finally got the fully open world Pokémon game they’ve been craving, thanks to Pokémon Legends Arceus. Announced alongside remakes for Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, Arceus Legends is set in the Hisui region, which is the ancient land that would later become the Sinnoh region of the Generation 4 games. Despite this, many of the Pokémon we’ve come to love in both Sinnoh and further afield will still feature in Arceus Legends – including the Alpha Pokémon itself. In trailers, we have seen plenty of Pokémon roaming around the

Code S RO8 – Bunny and Trap advance to the RO4

The brooms came out on the first day of the Code S quarterfinals, with Bunny and Trap both prevailing in one-sided 3-0 sweeps.Bunny had been on the receiving end of 0-3 beatdowns in his two previous Code S quarterfinals appearances, but he was very much in control against his Team NV teammate and ZvT specialist DongRaeGu. Bunny seized advantages in the early game with good build order choices (including a cheeky proxy-Barracks smack in the middle of a 'normal' Overlord scouting path) before finishing his opponent off with solid macro