Op-ed | Can we backhaul our way to space?

If the market grows large enough, a dedicated lunar-to-LEO tanker industry could evolve Trade. It enables, disseminates, and helps pay for new technologies and skills. It encourages sciences, the arts, and communications across oceans and cultures. It is a requirement for the evolution and supply of settlements and cities. Like technology and physical expansion, trade is a defining characteristic of humanity. It is impossible to overstate its importance in human history and development. So, how do we get trade, and all of its ancillary benefits, started on the new frontier

Chinese crew landing caps record-setting day in human spaceflight

Shenzhou 12 astronauts Tang Hongbo, Liu Boming, and Nie Haisheng outside their landing capsule Friday. Credit: Xinhua Three Chinese astronauts landed in the remote Gobi Desert of northwestern China Friday, returning to Earth after a three-month mission on the new Tiangong space station, and ending a historic day in spaceflight that set a new record with 14 people in low Earth orbit. With the return of China’s Shenzhou 12 crew Friday, 11 people remained in orbit — seven on the International Space Station and four on a SpaceX Crew Dragon

100 Thieves’ Asuna breaks pro Valorant kill record in audacious display

The secret to being good at tactical shooters like Valorant is simple: just click heads. Well, 100 Thieves’ Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk yesterday put that wisdom into practice (and then some) during the first map of the team’s upper-bracket quarterfinals victory over Version1. Championing Reyna, Asuna put on an ice cold performance on Icebox, racking up a KDA of 48/24/6, and ending the map with an Average Combat Score of 387 – monstrous. With a whopping 36 rounds played to decide the map’s victor, Asuna wasn’t the only one who put up solid