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Kilt Protocol Guide: Blockchain-based Credentials for Web 3.0

Kilt is a blockchain-based network enabling revocable and verifiable credentials. The internet has evolved from passive user interaction (Web 1.0) to active users (Web 2.0), with Web 3.0 being the latest. The new version allows search engines to shift from keywords to understand the meaning of words. It’s this web version that powers things like artificial intelligence (AI), web-based 3D graphics, and increased connectivity using metadata. Unfortunately, the more use cases there are, the more the data monopoly, thus keeping internet users further from their data. With the growing usage

Why blockchain can help block false news

In 2018, a video of former President Barack Obama appeared on YouTube explaining how easily technology can be used to manipulate video and create fake news. It had over 7.2 million views.Obama discusses in the video how we live in dangerous times, where “enemies” can make us say anything at any moment. Moments later, the video was faked by itself. How Blockchain Technology Contributes To Gaming Sector(Opens in a new browser tab) In the last five years, whether its news articles, images or videos, fake and misleading content have gained