Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff Claims Bitcoin Is Back in a Bear Market

Gold bug Peter Schiff believes that bitcoin’s recent fall signals the start of a new bear market. In response to a tweet by Gemini Co-Founder Tyler Winklevoss, Schiff, who is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, credited bitcoin’s surge over the past two months to a spillover effect from gold and a fortuitous television ad campaign. In July, Schiff tweeted that he expected bitcoin to fall below its $9,000 resistance point and “crash” while gold would simultaneously surge. Now, as one Twitter follower noted, Schiff is moving the goalpost, saying

Weekly Update #29: Binance, CoronaCoin, and JPEG

In today’s Weekly Update, we take a closer look at some interesting blockchain implementations which occurred over the last seven days. Like every Monday, we have a short summary of the last seven days for you. Last Weekly Update was all about Australia, sports, and mining. Let’s see what’s interesting has happened this time. Blockchain votes in India? The idea of blockchain utilization for voting is actually quite popular (we already heard about such projects in the United States, and Thailand). Last week, we learned some details about its implementation