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Novogratz’ Galaxy Digital Continues Losing Streak in 2019, Posts $33M Q4 Loss

Galaxy Digital, a major cryptocurrency investment bank founded by ex-Goldman Sachs partner, Mike Novogratz, continued its 2018 trend by posting another net loss in Q4 of 2019.According to an official April 8 announcement, the company suffered a net loss of more than $32.9 million in Q4, with the company outlining “realized loss on digital assets” and operating expenses as causes for the loss.Galaxy Digital has posted repetitive losses since its founding in 2018Galaxy Digital was officially founded in early 2018 with the mission to institutionalize the crypto industry. Since then,

Exchange CEO Explains Bitcoin Exploring Uncorrelated Price Action

Bitcoin’s price initially dumped alongside the mainstream markets, but now looks to be exploring its own route. “When the stock markets crashed, Bitcoin crashed,” AAX crypto exchange CEO Thor Chan told Cointelegraph. “It appeared that they were correlated,” he posited, adding:“However, the previous plunge of Bitcoin together with traditional financial markets is due to a liquidity problem. People dump whatever they can in any market. This is very extreme and rare because even the ‘safe haven’ assets dropped. Soon after, the liquidity became ‘normal’ again, we’ve seen Bitcoin’s price is discovering

If Bitcoin Hits $8K, What Will Happen Next?

Bitcoin has been holding above $7K, but where will its next move take it? Many investors are eyeing $8K as a key level for continuing Bitcoin’s upward momentum and possibly pushing it into a bull market. However, a couple traders believe Bitcoin could easily make a reversal in the near future and plummet back down to $3K. BBC featured trader Charlie Burton and co-founder of Genesis Block HK Clement Ip weighed in on Bitcoin’s short term and long term future in Cointelegraph’s latest crypto market discussion video.Will Bitcoin Make it

Algorithmic Trading Strategies, Explained

Momentum trading is based around the logic that if a predominant trend is already visible in the market, then that trend is plausibly going to continue at least until signals begin to come in that it has ended. The idea with momentum trading is that if a certain asset has been moving primarily in one direction for, say, several months, then we can safely assume this trend will continue, at least until data starts to show otherwise. Therefore, the plan will be to buy on every dip and lock in

Former Bakkt CEO to Sell All Holdings After Insider Trading Accusations

Following major accusations of insider stock trading during the coronavirus-induced market crash, Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), the former CEO of Bakkt, is liquidating her holdings with her husband.In an April 8 tweet, Loeffler said that she and her husband Jeffrey Sprecher, CEO of ICE, which is the company that owns Bitcoin (BTC) options contracts regulator Bakkt, are liquidating their holdings in managed accounts to focus on tackling the coronavirus situation.“I’m doing it because the issue isn’t worth the distraction”The former CEO of Bakkt has also published an opinion piece in

Blockchain Intelligence Firm Chainalysis Seeks New Partners to Extend Its Reach

New York-based blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis is launching a major partnership program to expand its operations and broaden its intelligence capabilities.As one of the highest-profile analytics firms in the blockchain intelligence industry, Chainalysis develops investigative tools that enable firms, governments and law enforcement agencies to monitor blockchain transactions and track suspected illicit activities.Speaking to Cointelegraph on April 9, Chainalysis chief revenue officer Jason Bonds explained that the program would be dedicated to collaborations with several categories of partners.The first, key crypto infrastructure providers, will help Chainalysis and the wider industry

Interchain Data Hosting Project Combines Edge Computing With DLT

Interchain decentralized data hosting project Bluzelle (BLZ) announced the launch of its mainnet which aims to combine the advantages of edge computing with distributed ledger technology (DLT).According to an announcement shared with Cointelegraph on April 9, Bluezelle will host a network stress test dubbed “Swarm of Duty” which will be incentivized with $30,000 worth of tokens for developers, token holders and validators. The company says that this test is “the last step before Bluzelle’s mainnet launches” and is meant to ensure that the network can manage real-world usage.Bluzelle’s team claims that

Blockchain Gaming Firm Animoca Creates Private Trading Hub for Shareholders

Following its delisting from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) last month, blockchain gaming startup Animoca Brands has engaged an online marketplace to continue private trades of shares in the company.Animoca Brands —  the parent company of TSB Gaming — has made its mark on the blockchain gaming space in recent years by collaborating with big-name firms such as Tetris creator Atari and signing a global licensing agreement with Formula 1.On April 9, Animoca released details of its engagement with PrimaryMarkets, an Australia-based online marketplace for the trading of unlisted securities

Bitcoin Doesn’t Care as US Debt Reaches an Unfathomable $24 Trillion

The national debt of the United States has crossed $24 trillion for the first time in history as Donald Trump’s presidency adds $4 trillion in four years.According to figures from online monitoring resource Trading Economics, the tally now stands at $24.018 trillion as of April 9. The amount is equal to $72,888 for each U.S. citizen, or $193,805 per taxpayer.U.S. massive debt mountain mushroomsThe almost incomprehensible size of national debt comes weeks after the Federal Reserve began an unprecedented money printing program. Providing $6 trillion of liquidity, the Fed led responses

Fear, Greed and the Evolution of Money in the Age of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is not going to end soon. Fear and anxiety have skyrocketed, and nearly half of the people in the United States feel the coronavirus has harmed their mental health. People are scared, anxious, depressed, on edge and struggling to sleep through the night.We watched as China took extreme measures to improve the coronavirus crisis there. We watched as Italy locked down the country and people scurried to other parts of Europe. We then watched as California Governor Gavin Newsom took early measures for the U.S. and locked