Go From Crypto Curious to Confident With Just One Book, Say Authors

As cryptocurrencies continue to dominate the news, more and more people are interested in hearing the ‘real deal’ from veteran insiders. However, many don’t know where to start, especially when experts are using unfamiliar terms like “altcoin,” “Web3,” and other jargon. Experienced investors in the crypto market want to level the playing field and pave the way for new investors. Such is the case for Mike Kimelman and Charlie Shrem, co-authors of the new book Mastering the Basics of Bitcoin and Crypto: Go from Crypto Curious to Crypto Confident With

The New Benchmark for P2E NFT Games —

NFTcraft is a new platform for digitizing video games on the blockchain and the first play-to-earn metaverse with NFT elements.Sponsored Sponsored The future of dwarf civilization is in your hands. It depends on you whether it will be light and abundant, or gloomy and poor. Choose a dwarf, an island, and go in search of Radiant (RAD game token). Free web-version of the game on the Polygon blockchain is available now. The project team is planning a full release of the 3D version of the game on the Unity engine

CeloLaunch AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Hi Everyone. Welcome to another BeInCrypto AMA Session.Sponsored Sponsored Today we have Stephen (@Stephen_CLA) who is a community manager of CeloLaunch, the first DeFi launchpad on the Celo network.  BeInCrypto (BIC): Community, here is how things will work. I’ll have 10 questions for him. After that, he will pick up 5 out of all the questions you asked before the session. Good luck to you all!Sponsored Sponsored (This AMA has been edited for clarity.) BIC: I would like to ask you something general to kick things off, so please provide

India Considering Registration, Taxation in Crypto Regulation

India’s government is planning regulations that could require coins to register before being listed and traded on exchanges.Sponsored Sponsored According to anonymous sources from Reuters, the process is intentionally cumbersome in order to deter investors from holding cryptocurrencies. Only coins that have been pre-approved by the government may be traded, with those holding other coins risking a penalty. This regulation would create a barrier of entry for thousands of peer-to-peer currencies if carried out. Another senior government source claimed that capital gains and other taxes, potentially amounting to over 40%,

StakeMoon Coin Officially Launches on PancakeSwap

StakeMoon, a new and innovative digital cryptocurrency project, launches on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange (DEX) today, following a successful pre-sale, raising more than $500,000. Sponsored Sponsored StakeMoon listing on the PancakeSwap has created a marketplace for buyers and sellers to transact. This DEX will enable users to buy, sell, and trade hundreds of decentralized finance (DeFi) currencies without third-party involvement. The value of StakeMoon will therefore be dictated by market forces. PancakeSwap has the most users of any decentralized platform, ever created, and those users are now entrusting the platform

Several Altcoins Reach New All-Time Highs – Biggest Weekly Gainers

BeInCrypto takes a look at the seven altcoins that increased the most during last week, specifically from Nov 12-19.Sponsored Sponsored These altcoins are: WAX (WAXP) : 67.30% The Sandbox (SAND) : 62.80% Coin (CRO) : 49.40% Avalanche (AVAX) : 28.60% Decentraland (MANA) : 26.78% IoTeX (IOTX) : 16.45% Enjin Coin (ENJ) : 6.73% WAXP WAXP has been moving upwards at an accelerated rate since November 11, when it bounced at the previous all-time high resistance at $0.48. In a span of only six days, WAXP increased by 106%. This

Aquaris AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Hi Everyone! Welcome to another BeInCrypto AMA Session.Sponsored Sponsored Today we have Andrei (@Andrei_AQUARIS) and Alex (@AlexAQUARIS). They are respectively co-founder and COO of Aquaris.  For the uninitiated, Aquaris is a platform that aims to modernize and optimize the fish product industry using blockchain technology.Sponsored Sponsored BeInCrypto (BIC): Here is how things will work. I’ll have 10 questions for them. After that, they will pick up 5 out of all the questions you asked before the session. Good luck to you all!(This AMA session has been edited for clarity.) BIC:

IRS Seized $3.5 Billion in Crypto This Year, Expects Further Billions

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seized cryptocurrency worth $3.5 billion during the fiscal year of 2021.Sponsored Sponsored According to the latest IRS criminal investigation report, this figure represents 93% of assets seized by tax enforcement over the past year. The tax collection agency believes that it could seize further billions in crypto from tax fraud and other crimes over the coming year.Sponsored Sponsored “I expect a trend of crypto seizures to continue as we move forward into fiscal year ‘22,” said IRS Criminal Investigation Chief Jim Lee. “We’re

The Sandbox (SAND) Reaches New All-Time High — Multi-Coin Analysis

BeInCrypto takes a look at the price movement for seven different cryptocurrencies, including The Sandbox (SAND). Despite the token reaching a new all-time high price, it has fallen back to an important support/resistance level.Sponsored Sponsored Bitcoin (BTC) BTC has been trading inside an ascending parallel channel since Oct 20. It was recently rejected by its resistance line on Nov 10 and began its current downward move. On Nov 16, it reached the support line of the channel and the $59,700 support area. It had previously deviated below this area on

Zaigar Finance: DeFi Platform Launches Game Based on Binary Options

On November 10, Zaigar Finance, a decentralized finance service led by the well-known rewards marketing platform Zaigar, added another feature to its portfolio, Zaigar Options.Sponsored Sponsored Digital asset enthusiasts and DeFi universe enthusiasts can now use their ZAIF tokens to play this simple, fun, and profitable game where you choose whether the value of a coin will go up or down with each spin. In this first moment, platform users can, every hour, make their guess based on the trading value of DOGE – cryptocurrency famous for the unusual tweets

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Rehabilitation Plan Gets Final Approval From Trustee Board

The Mt. Gox bitcoin rehabilitation plan, which would reimburse 150,000 BTC to victims of the exchange hack has gained final approval from the trustee board. The development marks one of the final steps before the Mt. Gox saga is finally put to rest.Sponsored Sponsored The rehabilitation plan for Mt. Gox has gained final approval from the trustee and has become final and binding, according to a notice published on Nov 16. The confirmation has been a long time coming, after news of a rehabilitation plan emerged in January 2021. The

Everything Users Need to Know About Blockademia Token Sale

The new Croatian cryptocurrency startup Blockademia recently revealed their decentralized information system for issuing and checking the authenticity of issued documents such as diplomas, certificates, and others. Sponsored Sponsored Blockademia works on the Cardano blockchain, which ensures the permanence and immutability of the issued entry containing document metadata and subsequent authenticity checks.  To raise funds for further development, this cryptocurrency startup plans to issue 85 million ACI tokens, out of a total of 250 million. The initial distribution of ACI tokens is carried out through its own web system in