Delhi Police Launches Probe Against Pluto Exchange Operator

Rate this post The Economic Offence Wing of Delhi Police has launched a probe against the operator of Pluto Exchange. This action has been taken after around 43 investors have filed a complaint with the Economic Offence Wing (EOW). It was reported earlier that Pluto Exchange is accused of deceiving around 43 investors which is worth more than $272,000.  The accused Bharat Verma, the founder of Pluto Exchange, was allegedly involved in an investment scheme where they defrauded investors by claiming that they are running crypto trading and mining operations

Abkhazia Facing Energy Crisis, Government Blames Illegal Crypto Mining

Rate this post The energy crisis is still a huge problem in the South Caucasus’ de facto state Abkhazia and the government believes this is happening because of the increasing crypto mining activity in the region. Recently, Jam News published a report stating that in the year 2019, the Abkhazian government imposed the ban on the crypto mining activity but neither the companies followed the government’s decision or the local authorities. And currently, they have been consuming Abkhazia’s energy at a very low cost. Abkhazian Government Plans To Lift Ban

Investor: This Pyramid Scheme Is Keeping the Ethereum Price Afloat At $350

Ethereum has seen quite the volatility over recent months. After surging hundreds of percent from the March lows until the recent highs, the asset has undergone a strong 35% retracement. ETH remains much higher than it was just a few months ago, which is a bullish sign. Ethereum’s relatively high prices might not last for long, though. Prominent cryptocurrency investor and commentator Dovey Wan believes that ETH’s price action is being sustained by a pyramid scheme. If that pyramid scheme collapses, she suggested, ETH’s price could slump. This is similar

To Do Crypto or Forex Trading? Here are Major Differences, Pros and Cons for Each

Crypto and forex or foreign exchange trading are similar in multiple ways: they both involve trading and exchanging of currencies. If you were looking into which one to do, we got an entire list of things you can consider, the challenges, benefits and drawbacks for engaging in each. Forex is still a considerable choice for those willing to invest in regulated currencies, hedge against international currency and interest rate risk, to speculate on geopolitical events, and to diversify portfolios, and other styles. Managers, commercial banks, central banks, money managers and