What will be in the Resident Evil Village DLC?

Steven Rondina • 07/Jul/21 • 23:55Resident Evil Village took the gaming world by storm and stands as one of the frontrunners for 2021’s Game of the Year. Capcom knows it too, and that means that the publisher is going to milk the game at least a little bit more. Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil Village DLC is currently in development, but there is no word on what it might be. There are a load of possibilities out there for what fans of Ethan, Chris, and the whole crew might

Is Chainlink dealing with market pressure better than Bitcoin?

As is often the case in the digital asset market, an altcoin may perform extremely well over the course of a bull rally. In fact, it may even outperform Bitcoin, which is why in the eyes of many, such tokens might even look like the real thing. However, many of these would soon crumble under pressure whenever the market’s bears got a grip on the market.Chainlink has been looking to change that narrative with its present-day price performance. Chainlink demonstrated its strength during its recent bullish rally. Now, against all

SushiSwap GM says ‘Talk doesn’t mean anything and code shows everything’

SushiSwap, a fork of the popular Uniswap exchange and one of the latest breakouts of the DeFi craze, has undergone its fair share of scrutiny in recent days — and fairly so. The platform's token, known as Sushi, quickly came to represent 77% of the action on Uniswap as of Sept. 1, garnering more than $1.5 billion in locked value less than a week from its inception. Many have voiced suspicions regarding certain aspects of the project, however, including concerns over a $27 million developer fund controlled solely by the project's head