BitMask Wallet 0.7.0 Soars: A Quantum Leap in Bitcoin Evolution Surges Over 760,000 Wallets in Just One Month

SAN FRANCISCO, November 23, 2023 (ACN Newswire) - DIBA Global, backed by industry titans including Draper Associates, ACTAI Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Martial Eagle Fund, Brad Mills, Rodney Yesep, and others, has sent shockwaves through the Bitcoin industry with the beta release of BitMask Wallet 0.7.0. This marks a historic moment as the user base surpasses 763,623 wallets. This milestone, achieved without any advertising, underscores the community's trust in DIBA's commitment to advancing Bitcoin utility. Worthy of note is the official partnership between DIBA GLOBAL and Satoshi Lab to foster the development


November 6th, 2023. Los Angeles, CA– MorningBaseball, a start-up baseball apparel company, has partnered with Game On Media Solutions (GOMS), an innovative media, content and sponsorship representation company, with the goal of transforming the baseball streetwear industry. MorningBaseball aims to inspire and motivate baseball players worldwide to achieve their dreams and conquer the challenges they face on their journey to the next level. One of the brand’s goals is to highlight and support athletes in prioritizing their mental and physical well-being and finding a healthy balance between their passion for

Dynamic Rewards Unleashed

Following weeks of preparation and hard work, we’re incredibly excited to open the Paribus Mainnet v1 tomorrow. This marks the welcome return of our protocol and heralds the beginning of our rewards program. For those who participated in our staking program, the concept behind the rewards program will be simple to understand. We’ve allocated 100 million PBX tokens to be issued as rewards to borrowers on the platform. This concept is even more exciting because the rewards are scheduled to be released evenly across every block and are anticipated to

Crypto Chaos

Despite the second-largest bank failure in US history, the Federal Reserve continued its interest rate hike strategy last week. This caused markets to react by pricing in continued monetary tightening, pushing back their expectations of rate decreases to 2024. Some have perceived this move as necessary to combat inflation, even if it comes at the cost of breaking the banking sector. Unfortunately, this sober outlook suggests that the rest of the year may be marked by more sideways action in the markets rather than a steady recovery. Meanwhile, in the

Preventing Skin Problems Caused by Mask Wearing

Introduction We wear face masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19. There is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that masks are incredibly effective at controlling the rate at which the coronavirus pandemic spreads. Today, more places require people to don an FFP2 masken Schwarz before they are allowed. There is little doubt that masks are essential. Therefore, any concerns that people have about wearing Schwarze ffp2 maske have to be overcome. One of these is rashes on the face and the skin. People have reported experiencing maskne (coined from mask and

Bonds, Bitcoin Bonds

Just over a year ago El Salvador made history by becoming the first, and only country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender. Much to the anger of the international community of central bankers, they pushed ahead with their plans, doubling down by planning a $1 billion bond release to build Bitcoin City. According to the mainstream media, El Salvador’s experiment with cryptocurrency has been an unmitigated disaster. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy, there hasn’t been widespread adoption of crypto, and the president is a ruthless

People leaving Ethereum is ‘just never going to happen,’ says Solana co-founder

2021 saw a significant proportion of developers shifting from Ethereum to rival blockchains. Primarily, because the Ethereum network continued to fight high gas fees and congestion. Well, one network that hugely benefitted from this situation was Solana. Its meteoric rise over 2021 positioned it as one of the main Ethereum-killers. Solana’s native token Sol reached a new all-time high in early November. Furthermore, at the time of writing, the token registered a 10% ROI over the past week. Also, it had a 24-hour trading volume of over $3.6 billion, at

Crypto Investor News for 11/17

Staples Center to be Renamed Crypto.com Arena (BBC): The tipping point has arrived. Investor takeaway: Expect everyone you know to suddenly become interested in crypto investing. We’ve gone mainstream. How India is Regulating Crypto (Economic Times): India will ban crypto for payments, ban crypto advertising, and allow crypto as investments. Investor takeaway: Overall positive news for us, as it gives a government stamp of approval on crypto investing. Thank you to India for taking the lead on thoughtful regulation. ConsenSys is Now Worth $3.2 Billion (ConsenSys): Celebrating its latest funding

Crypto Investor News for 11/16

Your Crypto Rights (Binance): A manifesto for how the crypto industry needs to evolve, with a priority on your rights as an investor. Investor Takeaway: Binance, which makes up part of our Future Winners portfolio, is once again leading the charge with a future-focused take on crypto regulation. We agree with all ten points. Read them. A six-minute explainer video on DeFi, courtesy of Wall Street Journal.Investor takeaway: Remember, the platform that most DeFi is built upon is Ethereum, which is why we buy and hold ETH for the long

What is the FATF Guidance on DeFi?

Share some Bitpinas love:By Hans DoringoThe Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental anti-money laundering watchdog, released last October 28, 2021, revisions and updates to its virtual asset guidance for virtual asset service providers (VASPs) which was first issued in 2019.In keeping with the feedback and reviews concerning the uncertainty of how the FATF would apply its VASP standards to decentralized finance (DeFi), the body proceeded on finalizing the guidance during its plenary meeting that lasted until October. The updated version of the guidance includes clarifications on FATF’s proposal to

Bitcoin Records Highest Monthly Close Ever, What’s Next for BTC?

Bitcoin closed the month of October at $61,343, which is its highest monthly close ever recorded. As Bitcoin Archive notes on Twitter, all-time high monthly closes are quite often a sign of more strength to come.  Bitcoin’s closing price was roughly 3% away from analyst PlanB’s floor price prediction of $63,000, though that level was already hit earlier in the month. PlanB is now shooting for $98,000 in November, or about a 58% gain over the next 30 days.  Some analysts are looking to previous bull markets to forecast what’s

What is OP Games?

OP Games is a gaming platform designed to help players access HTML5 games, join tournament competitions, and purchase OP NFTs.  Blockchain technology is currently making waves of innovations in various industries, taking the center of power away from big corporations and finally handing it over to the people. And the gaming industry would not be spared from this transition as blockchain is already on its way to land its territory through Web 3.0 gaming.  Table of Contents Background  Chase Freo OP Games is a Philippines-based gaming platform founded by CEO