Bitcoin volume in India grows as fear of a ban emerges yet again

Banned or not, cryptocurrencies made its way to India, and traders have not shied away from the opportunity to explore their investment options. Among top cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been the most-opted for crypto given its history and dominance above other alts. As the BTC market has been providing great opportunities for traders to enter the market, there has been a rise in Indian peer-to-peer activity which has also managed to surpass China.Source: Arcane ResearchThe P2P market has been witnessing great volumes in 2020 and Paxful has been the leading exchange

Altseason or not, Ethereum, Chainlink & Polkadot are here to stay

Over the past few weeks, the hype around a supposed altseason seems to have died down. I mean, sure, DeFi is still what one would characterize a “booming space.” But, many of the market’s altcoins have fallen on the charts lately, especially since Bitcoin dipped under $11,000 a few days ago. Thus, the question arises – Is it too soon to say that the altseason has come to a grinding halt?Of course, it is. After all, it is just a pullback and it’s not like the market’s alts have crashed

Blockchain voting hailed a success at Michigan Democrat convention

Despite its history of security and technical issues, blockchain voting platform Voatz has reportedly been deployed successfully at the Michigan Democratic Party State Nominating Convention.More than 1,900 delegates at the virtual convention, held from Aug. 29-30, were able to nominate candidates using Voatz for the state’s Supreme Court, state Board of Education, and boards at state universities. The event was held online due to restrictions caused by the pandemic."There were so many unique challenges with this year's convention because of the pandemic, but the Voatz platform eased many of our