Tiktok Rides NFT Wave, to Release First Creator-led NFT Collection

Share some Bitpinas love:By Shiela BertilloTiktok, a fast growing social media video platform, announced today that it’ll be releasing its own line of non fungible tokens (NFT) under Immutable X, in partnership with selected creators, celebrities, and online entities like Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, and Grimes. The collection Tiktok Top Moments, which will roll out through October on Ethereum, will feature six TikTok videos as one-of-a-kind NFTs and a series of limited-edition NFTs inspired by “cultural moments” from the short-form video platform. “TikTok Top Moments features a selection of six culturally-significant

8 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas & Tips to Delight Your Customers

For many ecommerce businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of year.  Whether it’s freshening up your landing pages, creating brand awareness with your holiday marketing campaigns, finding others ways to target new customers and everything in between, the list of tasks seems endless. However, business owners and marketers alike understand it’s an opportunity to strike big and the final chance to boost sales before the new year. The holiday shopping season formally begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and leads up to the slew of December holidays,

Listing Mirror Integrates with Wish, Making It Easier for Sellers to…

Listing Mirror continues to be agile and responsive to the feedback of our clients, and we are happy to add another channel integration at no additional cost. SOUTH BEND, Ind. (PRWEB) September 15, 2021 Listing Mirror has introduced an integration with Wish that allows its online sellers to automatically sync product listings to the popular shopping platform. Listing Mirror users are now able to replicate and update their listing data without manual entry, enabling them to drive more sales with less work. Without multi-channel ecommerce software like Listing Mirror, online

Bermitra dengan Audius, TikTok Lebih Dekat dengan Kripto?

Kanalcoin.com – TikTok dikenal sebagai salah satu platform media sosial terpopuler. Baru-baru ini menjalin kerja sama dengan Audius, sebuah platform streaming musik berbasis kripto. Kerja sama ini membuat dunia bertanya-tanya. Apakah TikTok akan mengubah pandangannya terhadap dunia kriptografi? Kabar yang dilansir Kanalcoin.com dari Cointelegraph.com melaporkan bahwa hari Senin, Audius menyatakan telah resmi bermitra dengan aplikasi sosial media populer ini. Kerja sama ini meliputi peluncuran fitur baru yang disebut TikTok Sounds. Pengumuman ini menempatkan Audius menjadi platform streaming pertama yang bermitra dengan TikTok. Secara khusus akan menyediakan fitur untuk kebutuhan pengguna

Episode #338: Startup Series – Will Matthews, Fellow, “Semen Quality Is The Canary In The Coal Mine To Overall Health”

Episode #338: Startup Series – Will Matthews, Fellow, “Semen Quality Is The Canary In The Coal Mine To Overall Health” Guest: William Matthews is the founder and CEO of Fellow, which offers the only lab-certified, mail-in semen analysis that exceeds all standards for FDA validated semen analysis methods. Date Recorded: 7/15/2021     |     Run-Time: 49:21 Summary: In today’s episode, we’re covering the topic that men like to shy away from – sperm health! We start by discussing the decline in fertility rates in the West and the possible reasons why –

Bitcoin Cash, VeChain, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 22 September

The cryptocurrency market saw losses on Monday, as traditional stock markets plummeted sharply. This could be related to news reports that large banks were involved in money laundering transactions. Bitcoin Cash showed it might not register further losses in the near-term. VeChain flipped from bullish to bearish momentum over the weekend. Dogecoin continued to show bearishness.Bitcoin Cash [BCH]Source: BCH/USDT on TradingViewThough the price has stayed around $230 for the past two weeks, OBV showed that the asset was bought at a steady rate (purple).Another thing to note is that Monday’s

Jump with Minotaurus to win a TRIP to Crete!

The Minotaurus has already escaped the slot machine and is marching right onto TikTok, Instagram and even Twitter! Why? To bring a heap of new wins for the most daring players. Feel the burst of endorphins by winning valuable prizes in the most extraordinary way in human history!Turn on your cameras and jump with the Minotaur. Want to know something even cooler? You can become a Minotaur yourself using our realistic Minotaur filter mask to attract unearthly luck and become the winner of this competition.Ready to jump for your own