Tokenovate and GMEX ZERO13 Enable Execution of World’s First Smart Legal Contract for Voluntary Carbon Credit Derivatives Trades using ISDA Definitions.

BSV Blockchain based smart legal contract powers successful trade execution and settlement. London, May 31, 2023 - Tokenovate, a financial services company providing distributed financial market infrastructure (dFMI) enabling programmatic lifecycle event management of the pre-trade to post-trade workflow for OTC and Exchange traded derivatives, and ZERO13, a GMEX Group initiative, providing a digital climate fintech aggregation ecosystem announce the successful execution of the world's first smart legal contract for voluntary carbon credit (VCC) derivatives trades referencing the 2022 ISDA (The International Swaps and Derivatives Association) Verified Carbon Credit Transactions

IRS Seized $3.5 Billion in Crypto This Year, Expects Further Billions

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seized cryptocurrency worth $3.5 billion during the fiscal year of 2021.Sponsored Sponsored According to the latest IRS criminal investigation report, this figure represents 93% of assets seized by tax enforcement over the past year. The tax collection agency believes that it could seize further billions in crypto from tax fraud and other crimes over the coming year.Sponsored Sponsored “I expect a trend of crypto seizures to continue as we move forward into fiscal year ‘22,” said IRS Criminal Investigation Chief Jim Lee. “We’re

GoldPesa launches a gold-backed token with Upside

GoldPesa transforms gold into an income-generating asset class that trades at a premium. GoldPesa is launching a gold-backed token that trades at a premium and safely generates wealth for token holders. Each GoldPesa token (“GPX”) is backed by 1 gram of gold stored in a secure vault while not being a stable coin. Over the years, gold has earned a reputation as a good inflation hedge. Nevertheless, owning gold as an asset class doesn’t generate any yield. In fact, storing gold securely actually costs money. GoldPesa is solving this problem

Gemini Lists DOGE Competitor SHIB, Community Celebrates

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has taken the market by surprise as its battle against Dogecoin (DOGE) moved to the crypto top 10 by market cap. In a vicious exchange between the two meme cryptos, the Elon Musk favorite and its supports have been trying to keep their spot on the ranking, but the Shiba Army gave equal relentless pursuit. Related Reading | Shiba Inu Continues To Dominate Community-Wise, But Why Is The Price Suffering? This community has another reason to celebrate, as leading crypto exchange Gemini announced that it will be

Lumenswap launches first round of its lottery!

Lumenswap is a decentralized exchange handling the swapping and trading of digital assets. It is built on the Stellar blockchain and allows users to seamlessly spot trade through its exchange. Users get the chance to create their own trading pairs and trade on a distributed network apart from the already available trading pairs. It also has an order limit feature that allows for the proper execution of trades. Lumenswap also has a swap service that gives users the best rates on assets such as the ETH, LSP (Lumenswap token), USDC,

Former PsyQuation CEO Launches New Copy Trading Platform

Michael Berman, who is known for heading trading strategy provider PsyQuation as CEO, has launched a copy trading platform, Ditto. The platform is officially registered as Gleneagle Securities and is licensed by the regulators in Australia and Vanuatu.“I am excited to announce a new venture that I have been working on and will soon be going live with. After more than 20+yrs trading and always building products on top of someone else’s broker we have finally become a product lead broker,” Berman, who is now Ditto’s CEO, wrote.The new platform

Why investors are not entirely sold on investing in a Bitcoin futures ETF

With two Bitcoin futures ETFs set to make market debut, let’s dive deep into the cost associated with owning these contracts. ProShares Bitcoin futures ETF is reportedly set to go live on 18 October, likely followed by Invesco’s ETF on the next day on 19 October.  We know that there are additional costs associated with an ETF. Apart from a brokerage commission, analysts are anticipating a higher expense ratio with these traded funds. As the filing by ProShares marks an annual operating expense of 0.95%, an investor will essentially spend

Axie Infinity Leads In-Game NFT Boom, DappRadar Q3 report

This report contains many interesting facts on blockchain gaming, with the overall trend to take away being that the industry is growing fast in many areas. Additionally, this report shows that various key players and sub-categories of revenue within the blockchain gaming sector are beginning to emerge.Sponsored Sponsored DappRadar has released the full version of the Q3 2021 edition of its ‘Blockchain Game Report’, a series of studies into the statistical facts and trends found within this fast-growing sector. Previously, only a limited ‘overview’ version of the report had been

U.S. Won’t Ban Crypto | This Week in Crypto – Oct 4, 2021

 The US gives a green light to cryptos, TikTok launches its own NFTs, and can professional crypto traders be outmatched…by a hamster?! These stories and more this week in crypto. The Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell said that the United States has no intentions of banning cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. He still asserted that some digital assets, stablecoins in particular, have to be regulated. This fresh, more optimistic US approach had an immediate positive effect on the entire market at the end of the week. TikTok has

DeFi protocol run by ex-Coinbase dev just did $3.6 billion in daily trading volume

dYdX (DYDX), a decentralized derivatives exchange that runs on Ethereum (ETH), has surpassed Coinbase’s volume for the first time, executing over $3.6 billion in trades in a 24-hour period.The protocol’s success came in the midst of Beijing stepping up its clampdown on crypto, which spurred the recent interest in decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other decentralized finance (DeFi) products among Chinese users.Ethereum Layer-2 DEX doing more volume than Coinbase“5 years ago I left Coinbase and eventually founded dYdX. Today, for the first time, dYdX protocol is doing more trade volume than

Binance halts spot trading, fiat deposit services among others, in Singapore

dditionally, no user will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies through fiat channels and liquid swaps. The development comes after Binance made further changes to comply with the Monetary Authority of Singapore [MAS], by ceasing all related trades. Now, Binance has asked its Singapore users to withdraw fiat assets and redeem tokens by Wednesday, 26 October, 04:00 AM UTC to avoid potential trading disputes. Earlier this month, the country’s central bank had ordered Binance to stop soliciting trades for Singapore’s resident customers. Following this, the exchange had stopped offering SGD trading pairs