New US fintech Monai to gamify savings for Millennials and Gen Z

A new social finance app in the US is aiming to help young users decrease their debt by playing video games. Monai says users can game to “crush” their debt Monai, which is still in the waiting list stage, says users can use time spent playing mobile games to earn interest on savings they deposit in the app. The firm also promises to offer a savings advisor, which will provide Millennial and Gen Z customers with tips on purchases. Savings in the fintech’s “Money Boost” system will be invested in

Build a Compliant Network with Supply Chain Traceability

Build a Compliant Network with Supply Chain Traceability Share this: Blog / Build a Compliant Network with Supply Chain Traceability Supply chain traceability allows you to track the origin and journey of your business’s products and their inputs through every step of the supply chain. For fashion companies, for example, supply chain traceability solutions document the chain of custody of your goods and inputs from the cotton source to the importer of record.   An effective traceability solution provides supply chain transparency. It allows supply chain managers to see critical information that improves

How BizPay is helping SMEs through Covid

We are all facing unique cash flow challenges and business hurdles at the moment, and for small business owners, the stakes are particularly high. At BizPay, they want to help in any way they can; that is why they’ve announced the extension of their Covid Lockdown Business Support Offer. BizPay hope that this extra help will be a win for you and a win for your clients.Here’s how BizPay are assisting new and existing customers in recovering and thriving through and beyond the pandemic:50% OFF your fees until the end

How to Sell More with Walmart Marketplace: Your Guide to Success

Walmart has grown into a globally recognized brand and dramatically changed the retail landscape since opening its first store in 1962. In fact, because 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store, it has become the go-to retailer for in-store shopping. Walmart launched its online marketplace in 2009 to create a trusted and transparent platform to ensure customer and brand loyalty. Its presence in ecommerce has made it the world’s largest omnichannel retailer and provided merchants the opportunity to sell their products on their marketplace in front

APL Esports announce BGMI APL Invitational Season 2

APL Esports, an upcoming Indian esports organization and media broadcasting company, is hosting the second season of their successful BGMI tournament called APL Invitational. A total of 24 invited teams with fight over the course of seven days to win a lion’s share of ₹2,50,000 prize pool.Tournament Format:APL Invitational Season 2 will be conducted in a double round format. 24 invited teams will enter round one and will be distributed in four groups.- Advertisement - As mentioned above, the teams will be distributed into groups and will fight over the

New Worlds Map Contest: Finals (VOTE HERE!)

MineraIs Profile Joined September 2020 United States389 Posts - We ask for your final vote on your top 2 favorite maps in the comments, in order. - Votes will not be considered if not in order or not containing two votes.- The map with the most votes will be the winner of the map contest!- The winner will recieve PRIZE $$$! *beep beep* not enough Minerals. -:- MineraIs Profile Joined September 2020 United States389 Posts Thank you everyone for your participation through out this long process. This has been

Episode #339: George Davis, Hotchkis & Wiley, “We’re In Unchartered Territory Right Now”

Episode #339: George Davis, Hotchkis & Wiley, “We’re In Unchartered Territory Right Now” Guest: George Davis serves as CEO and is responsible for setting the firm’s strategic direction. Mr. Davis also serves as a portfolio manager on the Large Cap Fundamental Value and Large Cap Diversified Value portfolios. Date Recorded: 7/21/2021     |     Run-Time: 49:27 Summary: In today’s episode, we’re talking long term value investing. We start with George’s investment philosophy and then walk through how he views the market today, seeing value in both financials and energy stocks. We talk

Hidden Dota 2 files suggest 3 majors for next DPC season

Kenneth Williams • 09/Aug/21 • 03:34Details for the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit season may have been leaked as part of an update for Dota 2. In a small update for Dota 2, new strings were added to the game's files that hint towards the future of the Dota Pro Circuit. Based on placeholder names, Valve appears to be planning a three-season year for the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit. That could mean three Dota 2 majors for next year as well. The strings in questions are labeled "dpc_event" with a season

Overwatch 2 may be pushed back to 2023 amid Blizzard’s issues

Steven Rondina • 09/Aug/21 • 01:50When Blizzard makes it rain, it tends to pour. And that's not a good thing for Overwatch fans. The embattled company is struggling at the moment and that turmoil seemingly isn’t exclusive to the boardroom. According to Overwatch streamer Metro, multiple people in and around the development of Overwatch 2 have expressed skepticism regarding the possibility of the game launching next year, with its likely release date being shoved back into 2023. Blizzard has not announced any change in its plans for the game, but