Team Great Britain to Serve Olympics With a Side of NFTs

Team Great Britain to Serve Olympics With a Side of NFTs
  • Team Great Britain has become the first Olympic team to launch its NFT collection.
  • The project is a collab with designer Ben Sherman and Commerce provider Tokns.
  • The first NFT minted will commemorate Max Whitlock’s performance in Rio in 2016.

Great Britain’s Team is all set for the Olympics and comes with its own set of Non-Fungible Tokens. That’s right, the great nation’s team will become the first to launch its own NFT collection.

Working alongside Ben Sherman, the team is launching its own non-fungible token collection. They aim to engage fans in new ways during the Olympic games.

Further, the launch will coincide with the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo as announced by the team. Tokns, a commerce provider, will also be part of the venture. It will award fans with new engagement avenues and ways to interact with the team. In fact, the deal stands between the two entities to begin before the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo and run through the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. The period also marks Great Britain celebrating 125 years in the Olympic Games.

Tim Ellerton, team GB’s Commercial Director stated in a press release:

We are delighted to partner with Tokns ahead of what is set to be a very different Games for our Olympians in Tokyo. Particularly following the announcement that there will be no fans or spectators present at the Games, we are delighted that we can provide moments digitally that will be available for fans and collectors.

Moreover, new details about the project reveal that the first NFT collection will debut with one to celebrate gymnast Max Whitlock. It will commemorate him and his two gold medals at the Rio games in 2016. It will be a custom creation by Ben Sherman. The offering will also include NFT digital wall paintings to be bundled with various real-world additions. Each NFT will come with an authenticated and unique crypto key.