The Bitcoin Family Cashes in on Branding & BTC’s Latest Rally

It’s been roughly four years since the Bitcoin family went all-in on the alpha cryptocurrency. But it’s not just the latest price surge that’s bringing home the bacon.

Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and three children spoke with Dutch news from the Algarve in Portugal, the latest stop in his worldwide adventure. The Dutchman accumulated the bulk of his bitcoin in early 2017 around $900, a move that paid off handsomely in retrospect.

Despite a two-year lull in prices, the family managed to live off of their profits and even accumulated more in the bear market. With Bitcoin briefly piercing the $23,000 handle, the family looks set for some additional travel destinations.

But Didi explains that the unexpected consequences of his family’s boldness has resulted in some new forms of revenue.

Building a Bitcoin and Crypto Brand

The family now also earns money via social media branding and merchandise like clothing, books, cryptocurrency courses, and perhaps surprisingly, a proprietary trading indicator.

“It’s a combination. The price increase makes life easy for us, of course, but ‘the Bitcoin Family’ has grown into a brand. I trade bitcoins on a daily basis and have an indicator that tells you when to buy and sell. Many people have a subscription to my indicator. There is always some income coming in.”

And if that weren’t enough, the family has an offer from a Canadian tour company to bring their unique story to the North American continent. The Dutch entrepreneur even has a FAMILY token up on Uniswap.

Witnessing the Institutional FOMO

Despite the hefty profits that Taihuttu is likely sitting on, he espouses the idea of family above material gains. In September, BeInCrypto spoke with Didi to get some insights into his thought processes.

And while he’s unequivocal on his values, he’s still not taking any chances with his holdings:

“We are in very good shape. But I don’t say anything about my precise ability. Something must also remain private. What I do want to say: I only trade with 20 percent of my cryptos. I don’t touch the other 80 percent, they are in a hardware wallet somewhere in a safe in Europe.”

Taihuttu believes that institutions have finally woken up to the crypto revolution, and there’s a pretty good chance that BTC will visit $60,000 or even $100,000 sometime next year.

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