The data platform of the future

The evolution of data science

The advent of the Internet in the late 60s and early 70s of the 20th century brought great convenience to mankind. From this initial foundation, mankind has gradually created other related products and applications such as cloud database or blockchain. Cloud database is a technology to store information on a cloud computing platform, so that users can store, manage and access it via the Internet.

Blockchain, also known as blockchain technology, is an invention around 2008, contributing an important part to the formation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is a database linked together in encrypted blocks. Blockchain is considered the invention of Internet 2.0 with applications in building cryptocurrencies and is about to move to a higher stage of development with smart contracts.

Recently people started talking about Web3. Web3 is a further development of the internet, where websites like and applications running the Internet will be able to process more information, smarter, even comparable to humans. people using technologies such as big data and machine learning.

Accessing these latest inventions is also not an easy task. We need an application or a platform that supports non-experts to be able to use the above utilities.

What is Plato’s foundation?

Plato introduces himself as an open smart archive, which has the latest intelligent block data management role from all over the field. The platform is created to provide a safe and secure environment to process data information in real time in each specific field while ensuring web3 connection. With Plato, you have a platform for countless different functions to explore.

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