The latest payment methods and their features at online casinos

The number of payment methods in online casinos has grown considerably in recent years, and there are many different options for players. The latest payment methods are not only easy to use, but also very secure and versatile.

The usual payment methods of online casinos often include credit cards and various online wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller. The latest trend in online casinos is mobile payment. Mobile payment makes it easier to play games on mobile devices by offering fast and secure ways to make deposits on your phone or tablet. Money transfers to online casinos can also be handled easily and safely with a smart watch. The absolute advantage of mobile and smartwatch-based payments is the speed and ease of payments. Players can forget about keying in credit card numbers when payments can be made instantly via a smart device.

Transfer casinos – new payment at online casinos

Transfer is one of the newest payment methods in online casinos. It offers a fast and safe way to make deposits to the casino’s game account. With Siirto payments, you can transfer money from your online bank to the casino with this safe and domestic payment method.

Compared to many other mobile payments, Siirto casinos offer one overwhelming advantage: You can make not only deposits but also withdrawal requests with the Siirto payment method. Most of the mobile payment methods currently only allow money transfers in one direction, i.e. from the player to the casino. However, the transfer enables money transfers in both directions, so you don’t have to choose a different payment method for withdrawals.

Casinos that offer this latest payment method can be found on the website. You will find everything essential about this payment method and the best Siirto casinos on the website.

What is Transfer?

Siirto is a banking service that allows money to be transferred directly from one account to another. With the Siirto service, you can transfer money quickly and securely without typing in long account numbers. All you need is the Siirto application on your phone and the recipient’s phone number. The transfer is extremely easy to use and account transfers happen in the blink of an eye.
The service is available in most Finnish banks and it has started to become more common in recent years. Currently, the service already has more than a million domestic users who use the service to make easy money transfers.

Transfer speed from payments to online casinos as well

In the past, Siirto was primarily known for money transfers made between friends or family members. However, now Siirto has also been taken to online casinos to offer players fast payment. Paying by bank transfer is extremely easy. The player can forget about keying in credit card numbers and separate identifications, when Siirto enables quick money transfers with just a few clicks.

Mobile payment is the order of the day in casinos. Online casinos are also played more and more via mobile devices, which means that the need for mobile payments is also increasing. Siirto has now responded to this demand by enabling both deposits and withdrawals with this easy method.

When heading to an online casino, it’s worth going to check if you can find a payment method in the casino’s selections. If it is found, it is enough for the player to download the application to their phone, register for the service and then start paying.

Online casinos offer many different payment methods. The newest payment methods above all bring ease to mobile gaming and enable payments via your own smart device. Kotimainen Siirto is one of these new payment methods found at online casinos. The transfer payment method enables money transfers in the online casino in both directions, unlike many other mobile payment methods.