These features guarantee the security of the online casino

The reliability and security of online casinos play a particularly important role, because both large sums of money and players’ sensitive personal data circulate on the sites. You can often use pure common sense when choosing a safe gaming site. For example, vaguely translated texts and a low-quality user interface may point to suspicious activity, and it is not a good idea to enter, for example, payment information into the casino.

Positive reviews from other players on the site can also help in making the right choices. However, there are also some universal signs that you can use to identify a guaranteed safe online casino.

A selection of safe payment methods

To ensure safe payment at an online casino, it is important that the casino offers reliable and secure payment methods. An online casino should offer several different options so that players can choose the option that suits them best. The most popular solutions year after year are bank and card payments and various online wallets. In the coming years, new solutions have also entered the market, of which, for example,  offers excellent examples.

Online payment and Klarna are both payment methods quite familiar to Finnish consumers, which certainly partly explains their popularity. Both are also used a lot in online shopping outside the casino world. For this reason, they are easily considered a safe option, especially when an external and reliable payment brokerage service is used.

Cryptocurrencies are also seen to some extent, but they do not have a very positive reputation in terms of security. Due to the anonymity, it is very difficult to control the payment that takes place with them, which is why most players stick to more traditional payment solutions. Also, for example  , mobile payments are quite familiar to Finns these days , which is why you may also come across it at some online casinos.

Gaming license as a guarantor of safety

The gaming license is one of the most essential signs of safety in online casinos. The gaming license is granted by the authorities and practically means that the gaming company undertakes to follow certain rules in its operations. Finnish players usually prefer online casinos licensed in EEA countries, because their winnings are tax-free.

There is currently no license model in Finland, although those who follow  the latest news  know that the issue is quite strongly on the back burner for the next government term. So far, however, the online casinos favored by Finns are mainly licensed in Malta or Estonia.

Several different obligations are associated with the game license, which the online casino must comply with. They include, for example, protecting players’ personal information, offering a fair game and encouraging responsible gaming.

SSL technology guarantees data encryption

SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) is one of the most important technologies used to ensure the security of online casinos. It encrypts the information and messages that are sent and received between the website and its users. SSL protection can be recognized by the certificate stating it, or by the small lock icon that appears in the browser before the web address of the online casino.

A lot of user payment and personal information circulates in online casinos. When repatriating their winnings, they are also often obliged to confirm their identity with various documents, which under no circumstances must leak into the hands of outside parties.

All in all, you can identify a safe online casino based on its licenses and certificates. Also, a comprehensive selection of safe payment methods and an investment in responsible gaming indicate that the site strives to offer its users the highest possible quality gaming experience.

Markku Hiltunen is a content producer specializing in casino and betting topics.
Casino games were his passion when he was younger. Nowadays, he doesn’t play so much himself,
but is focused on offering other casino game lovers
his know-how related to games and their rules.