This crypto ad exec tells us how the industry will evolve and why transparency is so important

CryptoSlate recently had the opportunity to chat with Milo McCloud, the co-founder of Paradox Group, a well-known crypto advertising firm that works with some of the biggest names in blockchain.

What is the professional background of the Paradox founders and what is their previous experience in crypto?

I am a blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency specialist focusing on growth opportunities for companies in these sectors.

Prior to co-founding Paradox Group, I worked in investment sales and marketing, as well as having represented Great Britain in Alpine Skiing as an international athlete.

My co-founder, Paul Burnham, has worked within the corporate finance Sector for 20 years As well as building and operating a Property portfolio business Paul has worked with the likes of Toyota GB.

Paul has been instrumental in building the financial structure of an IPO and successfully completed seed-stage funding.

Both Paul and I are very conscious of the environmental impact of the industry we work in, so we made the move to be Carbon Negative, which we have been for the last 6 months, planting over 371 trees and 26.5t of carbon reduction.

What problem is Paradox solving?

Paradox Group was created by Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham after a clear gap in the advertising industry presented itself. Mainstream advertising networks refused to work with cryptocurrency projects, regardless of their quality.

This gap affects both advertisers and publishers, the latter of which are unable to provide relevant targeted ads for their cryptocurrency page visitors.

Advertisers were left with two options: Deal with low-quality ad networks where fraud and bot traffic is prevalent or spend precious development time creating connections with publishers for profitable advertising campaigns, a complicated endeavour that is likely to be unsuccessful.

This is the gap that Paradox Group is filling. With their cryptocurrency/blockchain and advertising background, Milo and Paul decided to leverage their contacts and knowledge in both industries to bring high standards to cryptocurrency and blockchain advertising.

How many people are working on Paradox and where is the team located?

The team is based mainly in London, UK, with a distributed team in Europe and Asia. We have 7-8 people on our team.

Who are some of the notable publishers and advertisers Paradox has worked with?

Advertisers: Diginex, Binance, Invictus Capital, Nexo, eToro, StormGain, Libertex,, Amber Group, Huobi and many more.

Publishers: CryptoSlate, CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, Reddit, Brave Browser, Reuters, Bloomberg, NewsBTC, Opera Browser

What has been the biggest takeaway of working with publishers and advertisers in the crypto space?

The industry moves so quickly, that we often find that the goals of our clients can change very rapidly. It’s great working with publishers and creating new and bespoke advertising positions to help achieve our clients’ goals.

How important is transparency in the world of crypto advertising?

I think transparency is so rare in today’s world let alone in advertising, even more so in crypto advertising, so when it comes to being transparent as an advertiser in the industry, you can gain a lot of respect and community following due to the clarity of your project.

As a relatively new industry, crypto is notoriously full of scammers. How does Paradox screen for these types of bad actors?

So we have a number of different processes, we do deep dives for data, history, director background and company ethos. We also work with a private security company to verify information if the result is not clear.

Having worked with dozens of crypto companies over the years, what do you see as the defining traits of a company building for the long-term?

One word, consistency. These clients are constantly growing their community and their customers and always pushing to educate and provide value to their community. Brand loyalty is such an important factor especially when it is so fickle in the blockchain industry. Those that look after their customers build the best companies.

What is the biggest problem for crypto publishers and advertisers?

For publishers, it’s the bear market, when the market dips, so does the traffic, and when advertising is often the main source of income, it can leave many publishers exposed and under threat, let alone stressful!

For advertisers, it’s targeting, comparing our crypto clients to other clients where we advertise them on Facebook, the amount of targeting and tracking capabilities is nowhere near as good, which means that advertisers, in general, have to allow for a bigger spend to reach their target audience. When the major ad networks and search engines become more aware of the industry we will likely see a shift to a more targeted and precise approach.

Where do you see the crypto ecosystem over the next few years? What will be the major milestones?

I think the ecosystem will be steering towards a more regulated and Government involved system, with the rising of Government stable coins with more and more regulation for companies working within the crypto space.

Being at the forefront of this institutional and regulatory wave is going to be incredibly important for companies in our industry. 

What is the best way for those interested to learn more about Paradox?

You can find out more about us on our website here with all of our socials or you can check our listing on CryptoSlate here.

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