This is how you get ready for your digital studies

This is how you get ready for your digital studies Edtech PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Studying online has become more and more popular recently. Many people prefer this because it gives more flexibility and because you have more options. Then you can sit at home in Norway and go to a school in a completely different country!

A digitized world

This form of studying became particularly popular during the pandemic, when most of it had to be done digitally. Nevertheless, it has continued behind the scenes, as it brings many benefits to schools, teachers and students alike. The schools and teachers have the opportunity to admit several students at a time, as physical space no longer plays a role. Students have the opportunity to apply to several schools around the world, without having to move. The Internet and modern digitization show again how many doors it opens.

Analogue aids

When it comes to the equipment you need as an online student, you can name a lot, but we have chosen to divide it into analogue and digital media. Because, of course, you can write everything down on the computer, and go completely away from the analogue, but studies have shown that the vast majority of people remember things better when they are written in notebooks by hand. You can get notebooks with printing, either suitable for companies, or that you have made yourself. In addition to this, you should get pencils and pens, and preferably highlighters that you can use to underline important topics.

Digital tools

Despite the fact that the analogue can work well for many, the digital is probably the most important if you go to an online school. You should make sure you have a machine good enough to be able to stream your classes digitally, and have video calls with your teacher and your study group over TEAMS or Zoom. In addition, there should be enough capacity on the machine for you to write longer submissions and styles. If you like to take part in new digital trends, but still prefer to write by hand, then you can go for the purchase of an iPad and an Apple pen. Then you can save all your notes in the cloud, but still write by hand.

In addition to all the equipment, there is of course also the need for motivation and will. It’s not just just studying, but when you’ve found the right study online, and have all the equipment ready, you’ll probably be very happy.

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