TikTok Chooses Blockchain-Powered Audius for First Music Integration

If TikTok is a window into what teens are up to these days, then crypto has a place beside dance videos. 

On Aug. 17, blockchain-based music streaming protocol Audius announced its partnership with TikTok to allow one-click sharing with the social network.  

This is the first music integration TikTok has established. The upshot of the partnership is that a social media giant is betting on a blockchain-powered app before streaming behemoths like Spotify and Apple Music. This signals that Audius, at least, may be ready for primetime and mainstream adoption. 

With Audius’ goal of enabling direct connections between musicians and their fans, Clayton Blaha, head of partnerships at Audius, is excited for the artists on the streaming service to have this popular channel to share their music. 

“We’re really only beholden to the network and the artists in terms of creating experiences for them that they feel helps them as creators — when they win the entire network wins,” Blaha told The Defiant.

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Using Blockchain Without Knowing It

With 25% of TikTok’s users between the ages of 10 and 19, according to Statista, it seems more young people will be using the blockchain soon. Although, they might not even know it.  

Audius uses both the Solana and Ethereum blockchains to power its service. But Audius’ founder Forrest Browning is on record with Rolling Stone saying, “Maybe 95% of our users have no idea that blockchain is even involved.”

Audius migrated its content management system to Solana last October in order to scale further than Ethereum currently allows. Solana can process 50K transactions per second, which will be a necessary capability now that Audius can be integrated into a social app with 732M active users.

Despite a market-wide sell-off in the last 12 hours, Audius’ AUDIO token is up 118.5% on the week at the time of writing. The token is now the 83rd most valuable in all of crypto with a $1.2B market cap. The Audius app has 5.3M unique users this month, according to its dashboard.