Totem Media announces the opening of $Dolz token presale whitelist.

The unique adult metaverse built for collectors and gamers.

Paris, France. December 15, 2021. Dolz announces the opening of its whitelist to subscribe and participate in the first round of its presale in early 2022, with a total presale projection of the order of $5.9M. is the new crypto and NFT project of the french company behind iStripper, the adult software with 20 million downloads and 20 years history, and behind VR Paradise, the first 3D VR stripclub on earth.

1. The Dolz concept

Collect, earn and play with premium NFTs in a unique adult Metaverse built for collectors and gamers.

The $DOLZ tokens will be used through the whole Dolz ecosystem and adult Metaverse to unlock unique advantages such as discounts, unique content and previews.

Users will acquire NFT’s mystery boxes in each collection and collect iStripper trading cards, VRParadise 3D items and partner NFTs, then buy, sell or trade them through NFT marketplace to earn tangible value.

By bringing the Gamefi and Play-to-earn concepts to the adult world, the Dolz community will be rewarded with free NFTs by staking their $DOLZ tokens and by a play-to-earn mechanism.

Finally, users will benefit from their personal Dolz VR museum where to show-up their NFT and influence decisions of their favourite games and Apps thanks to the $DOLZ fan token.

2. Strengths

Dolz is at the crossroads of the adult industry, the gaming market and the booming market of the VR market, expected to increase to $19 billion in 2026.

It leans on Totem Media’s 20 years of experience in the adult industry worldwide (45% in the US, 40% in Europe and 15% in Asia).

It benefits from a loyal community of 300 000 collectors of iStripper cards and more than 150 000 Steam members, deeply involved into VR Paradise developments.

“We have always been a forerunner in adapting emerging technologies to adults. iStripper has resisted the advent of adult tubes by basing its business model on the collection of cards and “non-tubable” content. The success we encountered with VR Paradise confirmed us in our direction. The blockchain is simply a logical continuation for us”-said Richard Excoffier, co-founder of Totem.

Company History

In 1998, mixing the best parts of video games with adult online entertainment, Totem founders Richard Excoffier & Hervé Lucchi, engineers from the video game industry, came up with a totally new concept of inlaid video stripteases played directly onto computer taskbars: VirtuaGirl, renamed iStripper in 2016.

20 years later, Totem built its own motion capture studio and created the first 3D VR stripclub on earth, VR Paradise, once again at the crossroads of adult entertainment, gaming and high-tech, which opened the doors of the largest community of gamers in the world.

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