Trusted Node Hits Over $31 Million TVL In Two Weeks as Adoption Grows

Trusted Node has now recorded over $31 million TVL in about two weeks of operation. The validator network created by the ex-CEO of, one of the leading websites in the crypto space, has seen tremendous success since its launch. Trusted Node has opened up a pathway for users in the space to reap the rewards associated with proof of stake networks without having to worry about any of the barriers to entry.

This unique service offered by Trusted Node has made it a beloved project in the space. Trusted Node provides access to nodes on which users can stake their tokens on PoS networks. It provides access to the most important blockchains in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry and provides a way for users to earn passive, constant income on these blockchains.

How Trusted Node Works

To become validators, users in the DeFi space need upfront investments for physical hardware and maintenance, in addition to having the technical knowledge on how to set up their validator operations. This has proven to be a barrier when users want to set up their own validator nodes themselves. Trusted Node was created to solve this problem.

With Trusted Node, users only need to worry about staking their tokens. The validator network takes care of all the logistics and behind-the-scenes maintenance processes associated with running validator nodes. By eliminating the barriers to entry, Trusted Node opens up access to the rewards of proof of stake networks to everyone.

Trusted Node turns its validator nodes on important emerging blockchains, creating a hassle-free pathway for users to collect rewards through PoS staking. By staking their coins on the networks, users also play an important role in making major networks more secure.

Providing Wiggle Room With Staking

One of the drawbacks of proof-of-stake liquidity staking is being unable to access locked assets. Staked tokens can usually not be moved for the duration of the time specified when the assets were stakes. Thus, when an opportunity comes up for the user to put their tokens to use to earn rewards, they are unable to access their tokens, greatly limiting their options. Trusted Node has created a workaround for this problem.

With liquid staking, Trusted Node allows users to have more flexibility with their staked assets. It does this by allowing users to tokenize their staked assets to generate collateral, which can be used to create higher returns when new opportunities arise.

Liquidity is also readily available through the use of wrapped tokens – synthetic tokens pegged to the value of assets. These wrapped tokens are then allocated to Automatic Market Making (AMM) liquidity pools to power new yield-generating strategies.

Furthermore, Trusted Node allows users to access to liquidity pools while simultaneously helping to secure the networks. This way, users can earn additional rewards with their base capital intact. Trusted Node refers to this as yield stacking.

Earnings And Governance With $TNODE

Trusted Node’s native token $TNODE allows users to earn when they stake their coins. Rewards are provided in $TNODE in exchange for liquid staking. Holding $TNODE gives users the right to participate in the governance of Trusted Node decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), as well as access to the liquidity pool marketplace.

Holders can vote on new validator node launches on networks they believe should be added. In addition, they can vote on how resources are allocated for various proof-of-stake networks.

Trusted Node helps users unlock the earning potential of their digital assets. Staking through Trusted Node provides optimized liquidity, compounded returns, and a chance to be a part of Trusted Node’s DAO.

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