UAS: The First Government to Bring Blockchain Development to The Masses

What constitutes development? Would one know it when they saw it? More importantly, why should it matter whether or not a nation attains it? Answers to these seemingly simple questions are as varied as people are.

However, simply put, development is the expansion of a nation’s economy, complemented with a significant rise in its citizens’ living standards. From this, it is apparent that development is visible—additionally, its attainment matters.

Africa, compared to other regions, is underdeveloped, albeit resource-rich. Ironically, incomes continue to rise across the continent while a majority of her people wallow in poverty. To remedy this, The United Allied States, under the presidency of Stephen McCullah, intends to set up a government that spurs development through the region. Collaborating with partner states and leveraging tech envisions a thriving economic block that guarantees its citizens high standards of living.

Development Through Tech and Responsible Government

Mr. Stephen McCullah’s government is committed to establishing a truly free and prosperous nation on the continent. In its blueprint, sound economic policies, democracy, and innovation feature prominently. Also given precedence is the uplifting of the masses while guaranteeing their freedoms. Here is a sneak peek of how the nation intends to achieve its goals:

Adopting Prudent Economic Policies

A nation’s economic decisions make or break it. As it is, there are two major forces that continue to keep Africa underdeveloped. First, the tendency to adopt economically unsound policies. Secondly, ineffectual implementation of well thought out plans. The U.A.S government anchors its economic development plan on proven financial principles.

Using Free-Market Principles to Spur Productivity

The U.A.S government plans to exclude itself from engaging in the market, therefore, having the market self regulate. A self-correcting mechanism driven by market forces ensures market stability. Additionally, the consumer pays a fair price for value sought, while the producer gets a reasonable price for goods or services sold.

Stable market conditions encourage production and trade. Furthermore, the competition created among the producers for the market leads to innovation. Increased production and innovation grows the economy.

Attracting Investments and Increasing Disposable Incomes Through Tax Breaks

To encourage external and internal investments, the government intends to remove the corporate tax. Investors find such markets attractive as they shore up their bottom lines while lowering operating costs.

To the citizens, the elimination of income tax significantly improves their purchasing power. Using these taxation measures encourages production and consumption hence development.

Ensuring Openness and Accountability in Utilizing Expenditure

Most government functions are shroud in secrecy. As a result, loopholes for misappropriation of public funds are created. Funds intended for the nation’s development get lost along the way. The U.A.S government plans to open itself up to federal audits by using blockchain in its administration. All transactions completed are visible and traceable back to the individuals and decisions that executed them.

Giving Incentives to Local and Regional Trade

Free market policies encourage commerce. The increase of commercial activity within and between the U.A.S partner states will stimulate production. Therefore, the individual states and regions, in general, grow.

Opening up of Hitherto Marginalized Regions

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in opening up areas for development. Mr. McCullah’s administration promises substantial investment in infrastructure in underdeveloped regions. Such investments catalyze the development of secondary service industries that sprout to take advantage of their existence.

Development of Human Resources 

Human resources significantly impact production. Therefore, developing this critical resource is a priority for any government or organization. To this end, the U.A.S government contemplates a well-educated population. The graduates of this educational system possess the technical skills to match the demands of a highly automated and innovative labor market.

Tapping Into the Unexploited Energy Potential

Africa is a hub for underutilized energy power production. Poorly developed and hence unreliable power systems stifle productive capacity and increase costs. The U.A.S government aims at exploiting available energy resources fully and sustainably.

The Energy Department is tasked with ensuring power is accessible, affordable, satisfies market demand, and efficiently utilized.

Establishment of Secure Payment Methods

Fintech and crypto facilitate payments in the envisaged nation. Used together with smart contracts, they ensure fast and secure means of transactions.

Ensuring Conducive Working Environment

The Department Of Labour champions the welfare of workers and businesses. Through tech, it plans to compile and act on data on occupational health, wages, employee insurance, and other vital statistics relating to the labor market. The expected result is an improved working environment and productivity.

Guaranteeing Food Security

Harnessing tech, the Agriculture department has formulated policies, ensuring food sufficiency and market stability. It also aims to open up rural areas to development via agricultural innovation.

Providing Decent, Affordable Housing

Through the Housing Department, the government undertakes to provide the citizens with appropriate housing that is adequate for their needs.

Provision of Health Services

A healthy nation is a productive one. Through the Department Of Health, the government commits to providing adequate, accessible health infrastructure.

Authors Note

Development is dependent on the economic decisions its leadership makes. There are several essential services the government needs to avail to the people to grow. These services improve their standard of living, motivating them to increase their output, which stimulates expansion. It is also essential that it provides an enabling environment for investment. Employing an economic strategy geared at unlocking the untapped potential in Africa, the U.A.S offers so much promise for a rebirth of the continent.