Umetaworld is launching in November a free NFT Stealth Mint of Rooms for its Metaverse

Users will be able to mint fully customizable rooms in the Umetaworld Metaverse, a virtual replica of the real world.

November, 2022Umetaworld, the virtual world of augmented cities and places, announces the launch of its NFT collection of rooms in its virtual replica of the real world. Umetaworld offers Web3 users a bridge between physical and virtual experience, enabling users to create their own assets and monetize them through NFTs.

While Meta steals much of the spotlight surrounding the Metaverse, the digital ecosystem is still generating growth, fun, and income for the early adopters. Crypto investors have learned hard lessons on the risks that come from digital assets, but through this mint Umetaworld aims to open up digital ownership to all users and facilitate the building of next-generation experiential opportunities.

Umetaworld was built as a fun and immersive way to introduce the world to the untapped joys of Metaverse. The company merges physical and virtual worlds, to unleash the potential of the Metaverse, empowering people and communities access to services that they couldn’t access in the real world.

Umetaworld users can discover new locations and meet people around the world, interacting through their smartphone’s microphone. To enter the Metaverse, users simply download the app and snap a selfie, which then generates an avatar that functions as a digital version of the user. The avatar replicates the head movements of the user, among other functionalities, such as dancing, blowing a kiss, and greeting others. Avatar outfits are customizable, allowing users to buy new digital clothing and accessories in-app.

“We are thrilled to launch this free NFT mint,” says Danielle Marinelli, CEO of Umetaworld. “We are continuing our mission to facilitate services where users can seamlessly socialize, interact, and make transactions. By launching this NFT mint users get to be both creators and owners in this digital landscape where reality becomes virtual and Metaverse is reality.”


About Umetaworld

Umetaworld is a virtual replica of the real world based on interactive AR experiences. IN a world threatened by spaces, physical constraints, and environmental threats, Umetaworld serves as an escape where Uworlders can flourish. Umetaworld uses cross-chain technology, AR, and deploys implicit details like geo-positioning and 3D modeling, to create a social Metaverse.

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